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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

DoDIIS Dissemination [DoDIIS DISSEM]

The Department of Defense (DOD) Intelligence Information System (DODIIS) defines the standards for intelligence systems and applications interoperability. The DoD is in the process of establishing a simplified baseline of the best, common information systems across the business functions of the Department. These migration systems represent a stage of process improvement designed at achieving a common set of automated processes and practices in DoD.

DoDIIS Lan, formerly called the National Systems Lan, is the intelligence backbone for the Top Secret SCI network supporting DoDIIS workstations. Customers rely on the SCI network for inter-connectivity and access to the Intelink, AMHS, IESS, and National Databases (ALE, SAFE, XIDB, and others). A Secret Level LAN is under development which will provide access to Intelink-S, IESS-S, and AMHS-S over DoDIIS workstations.

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