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IPL 2.0 Update 11 December 98

OK, folks, I've been remiss in getting back to you; I'm still waiting for some information to be set in concrete, so what I'm passing on now should be considered more on the Jello side.

IPL 2.0 will have what the baseline software was supposed to have; IPL 2.1 will have what IPL 2.0a was supposed to have; IPL 2.5 will have what IPL 2.0b was supposed to have PLUS the EIS modifications. I WILL have the concrete version for you early next week.

IPL 2.0 started JITF test this morning; I'll try to forward information on how testing is going as I receive it. We're scheduled to run through the end of December, if needed.

IPL 2.0 will go to NGIC for Beta II testing beginning 11 January 99, and the Beta II test will run through 23 January 99. The software will be ready for fielding 29 January 99. The fielding plan is managed by my sister division, SDP; Capt Luiz Figueiredo sends out fielding messages/plans/updates periodically--if you're not receiving those and would like to, please let me know and I'll see that you're added to his list.

The schedule for IPL 2.1 is TENTATIVELY as follows: FAT 1-5 Feb; JITF/JITC 8-19 Mar; Beta II 5-16 Apr; software ready for deployment 30 Apr. I repeat, this schedule is TENTATIVE and is not official, approved, or even OK'd by anyone. This is just what we're looking at right now. This schedule is in part based on the fact the JITF is undergoing renovations and won't re-open until the 8th of March. It also assumes that we'll have to do some serious tap-dancing to get in when they re-open. (There's a very good reason why none of you have ever seen me dance, so I'll have to find some help in trying to get the slot.) What I will try to do is make sure we get pre-release versions of the 2.1 software to those programs who need it for integration and test into their own systems.

Now I suppose you want to know the 2.5 schedule, too? I haven't made my guesstimate at that one yet, but I'll say it's somewhere in the September/October timeframe for now. Subject to revision, of course!

I appreciate any and all comments (even the negative ones!) and questions. Feel free to email or call.


Maj Deb Fort

[email protected]

(703) 633-5806

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