Basis of Issue Plan - BOIP

A. DESCRIPTION: The Special Operations Forces Intelligence Vehicle (SOF IV) is a deployable vehicle mounted intelligence information support system developed for SOF. This hutted SOF IV consists of a modified rigid wall M1102 shelter, mounted on a M1097 Heavy HMMWV used in combination with a tent extension. It is powered by a 10 kw generator mounted in a tunnel in the shelter. The ECU, mounted on the front of the shelter, supplies 14000 BTU of heat and 21000 BTU of cooling. The tent extension unit houses four computer workstations connected by LAN to communications and data base servers located inside the shelter. B. CAPABILITIES: SOF IV will allow SOF to access the extensive data bases already developed to support operations against likely targets, as well as to quickly develop and tailor new databases in response to unexpected threats. This system provides SOF tactical intelligence analysts with a deployable version of Special Operations Command Research, Analysis and Threat Analysis System (SOCRATES). It will allow intelligence personnel to receive, process and manipulate unfinished near-real-time intelligence information, intelligence products, as well as information resident in a variety of national/theater intelligence databases to produce an overall product tailored to the supported commander's essential elements of information. It will also provide for the rapid dissemination of the finished product. C. EMPLOYMENT: SOF IV will be used by intelligence personnel at the Special Forces Operational Base (SFOB) to collect Intelligence data. D. BASIS OF ISSUE: One SOF IV per Support Company of the SF Group. E. POWER REQUIREMENTS: Power is supplied by a commercial 10 KW generator that produces 120/208 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 Phase power. F. TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENTS: The SOF IV is shelter mounted on a M1097 heavy HMMWV and a High Mobility Trailer. This system is roll on/off capable on a C-130 aircraft. G. PERSONNEL/MAINTENANCE IMPACTS. (1) OPERATOR: a. Crew Size/MOS: Two 96B, Intelligence Analyst. b. Training Requirements: There is no NET Plan number. Operational and maintenance training will be accomplished through the use of programmed texts, video instruction, mobile training teams (MTT) and on-site courses. There will be a training program within the computer (software tutorial) that is help driven. Technical manuals and materials will be IAW appropriate regulations. Commercially available technical manuals and materials will be evaluated for adequacy by USSOCOM and will be used to maximum extent possible. (2) MAINTAINERS: UL: 44B, 52C, 52D, 63B. DS: 52C, 52D, 63J, 63W. GS: 52C, 52D, 63J. H. SPECIAL NOTES: (1) This item is appropriate for inclusion in the FMBB. (2) This item is being developed for SOF only.