Army Communicator Summer 1998

TSM update


Trojan Spirit migration

An integrated-concept team continues to refine the Trojan-Spirit-to-Warfighter-Information-Network migration plan, which the commanding generals of the Signal Center and Intelligence Center mandated in June 1997.

The plan, which is currently in Version 1.5, contains detailed requirements for migration of TS II communications functionality to WIN. The plan also defines the systems architecture for migration and lays out detailed phasing and timelines to replace the communications capabilities of all 38 TS IIs in the active Army force.

The migration will occur in two phases. Phase I will focus on the first digitized corps and the first 12 TS II terminals which will be replaced by WIN functionality in fiscal years 2002-04. The second phase will occur during FY 04-08 and will replace the remaining 26 TS II terminals in the Army at division, corps and echelons above corps.

The plan lays out the Army response to two operational-requirements documents, the TS II ORD and the WIN-terrestrial ORD. The TS II ORD defines the newest TS II operational requirements supporting the latest military-intelligence requirements. The WIN-T ORD helps define the "enclave" requirements for all functional users, including MI, who need to connect to the WIN switch from security levels other than "secret high."

These two ORDs are driving new modernization funding needs for the TS II systems. Specific funding requirements are clearly defined in the migration plan.

The Signal and intelligence centers fully support this plan. Each school recognizes the need to modernize TS II terminals to keep them operationally ready while WIN-T; super-high-frequency triband advanced range-extension terminal; secure, mobile, antijam, reliable tactical terminal; and standardized tactical-entry point programs are fielded and tested.

Communications-Electronics Command has agreed to use WIN components, such as new asynchronous-transfer-mode switches and routers, in TS II systems as part of the modernization plan.

Eventual disposition of TS II terminals will be determined by the ICT over the next few years.

In summary, the migration plan is ongoing under the watchful eye of an ICT council of colonels and the two commanders mentioned above. The key for migration is funding support for modernization of TS II terminals, synchronization of the systems that will replace TS II functionality (WIN-T, STAR-T, SMART-T and STEP), and making sure the Signal Center is fully cognizant of existing and emerging MI information-exchange requirements.

Point of contact is Scott Long, DSN 780-7892 or commercial (706) 791-7892; e-mail [email protected]