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Constant Source provides graphical display of secret level multi-source Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) threat data. Tactical users including wing and air intelligence squadrons - currently over 130 ground systems are deployed. Source information arrives from the Navy's Tactical Receive Equipment and Related Applications (TRAP) and the Tactical Data Information Exchange System - Broadcast (TADIX-B) including data from national systems.

The CONSTANT SOURCE program was established as part of the Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) normalization effort. Recently, the Constant Source Operator Terminal (CSOT) functionality was transformed into the Combat Intelligence System (CIS). The Combat Intelligence Systems (CIS) Program is a combination of four related systems: Intelligence Correlation Module (ICM), Sentinel Byte, Constant Source, and Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP).

The Constant Source Operator Terminal processes the near-real- time threat information utilized by combat units/aircrews for mission planning and execution. The radio project in this program enables the warfighter to access critical data provided by national and tactical intelligence sources.

Air Force is jointly developing and procuring an airborne qualified radio called Multi-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal (MATT) with US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Defense Support Program Office (DSPO), and the Navy.

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