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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform


Intelligence support to Special Operations Forces (SOF) is provided via SOCRATES. SOCRATES encompasses total intelligence support for SOF mission activities, including computers, databases, intelligence communications systems, secure phones, facsimile equipment, imagery processing, and secondary imagery dissemination equipment. SOCRATES integrated existing systems, providing automated intelligence connectivity and functional intelligence support to the SOF community. The LAN provides personnel with access to the Defense Intelligence Threat Data System (DITDS), Intelligence Data Handling System (IDHS), Modular Architecture for Exchange of Intelligence (MAXI), Defense Data Network (DDN), and administrative message handling, transferring and formatting functions. This capability (including ADP, secure voice, open source and classified message traffic, video mapping, softcopy imagery processing, and secondary imagery dissemination) is extended to USSOCOM forces using the USSOCOM SCAMPI, a leased line communications link. SOCRATES also provides full access to national intelligence systems and databases. The ADP System is three mainframe computer systems with internet/NIPR/SIPR capability and SCI LAN. Standard stand-alone configuration is a 486 pc with modem and video card, though a pentium processor is desired. Future SOCRATES will focus on providing on-line connectivity to operational units and theater SOF, and development of a rugged, portable SOCRATES workstation. Additionally, SOCRATES will transition into a UNIX environment employing the JDISS architecture, and then will evolve into a client server environment.

Known problems include the fact that the system is slow to respond during the peak hours of use.

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