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PLATFORM is an NSA computer system, which among other functions integrates all UKUSA station computers into ECHELON, was introduced in the early 1980s. The worldwide PLATFORM computer network ties together 52 previously separate computer systems used throughout the world. The host environment for PLATFORM is at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade.

The NSA CERCIS Program is a DoD-sponsored program that will provide the next-generation replacement of the Southern California Offshore Range Environment/SIGINT Universal Recognition Facility (SCORE/SURF) operational capabilities developed by NRaD. Program initiation was in 1991 with NRaD taking the lead for DoD to design, develop, and implement the components of CERCIS that will meet all Navy requirements and supercede the existing SCORE/SURF functionality currently on site.

Program accomplishments in CY 94 included incremental delivery of CERCIS 2.0 fixes (a result of a successful DT&E effort last calendar year). Software changes were transmitted to NSA using PLATFORM connectivity from NRaD. In addition, preliminary software to provide core release 3.0 capability that will result in an upgraded FY 95 delivery were completed and transmitted. The 3.0 release will provide full functional replacement for the NRaD-developed SCORE/SURF systems currently in operational use.

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