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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Joint Maritime Information Operations Strategy (JMIOS)

The Joint Maritime Information Operations Strategy (JMIOS) will synergize IW-Exploit, IW-Attack and IW-Defend disciplines in a common and joint weapon system for 21st century naval combatants. JMIOS is a concerted effort to reduce cost and risk for SPAWAR Information Operations products and its tactical customers while laying the groundwork for rapid modernization using a distributed global network centric infrastructure.

The JMIOS Charter is to: Respond to evolving threats by producing quick reaction upgrades that function independent of JMIOS configuration. Reduce Total Ownership Costs through common hardware and software processes and products. Emphasize COTS/NDI (CANDI) technologies when appropriate. Reduce new technology insertion times to 16 months or less. JMIOS-Exploit (JMIOS-E) will define the common SIGINT architecture for migration to joint Information Operations in accordance with Joint Vision 2010 and IT-21. It will establish structured processes for common software products and new technology insertions.

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