Joint Intelligence Virtual Intelligence (JIVA)




I. Title: 98-019 Joint Intelligence Virtual Intelligence (JIVA)


  1. Background:

    JIVA is a DIA-Sponsored initiative to develop "virtual" collaborative

    environment among the processing, production and dissemination and direction/planning phases of the intelligence cycle. The goal of JIVA is to leverage available/developing technology in order to advance the analysis and delivery of military intelligence beyond traditional practice.


    a. Developed high level Project Plan and POA&M.

    b. Upgraded facilities ATM switches.

    c. Installed dedicated fiber.

    d. Acquired computer hardware.

    e. Upgraded facility communications backbone to OC-3 (155 Mbps).


  3. Objective(s):


To provide a strategic framework for the orchestration, management and implementation of the Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture (JIVA) within the Federated Battle Labs. The functional mission of the JBC in concert with the Federated Battle Labs presents a unique opportunity to test the JIVA concept. The command can combine theory and practice to evaluate the degree JIVA and collaborative technologies can improve the provisioning of intelligence support to joint operational/tactical military operations from pre-deployment to redeployment and across the spectrum of crises and conflict.


IV. Joint Warfighting Requirement:




CINCSOC 091430Z DEC 96

CINCPAC 100135Z DEC 96

CINCSO 111830Z DEC 97

CINCEUR 281640Z JAN 97



V. Benefit Of This Project To The Warfighter:


a. Provide a strategic framework for the orchestration, management and implementation of the JIVA within the Federation of Battle Laboratories.

b. Promote integration into the overall C4ISR architecture.

c. Identify collaboration and virtual production in the "new" architecture.

d. Define user requirements based on operational application.




VI. Approach:


Develop a future intelligence production and dissemination environment using Commercial and Government Off-The-Shelf (COTS/GOTS) hardware and software with the goal of recommending improvements to the production, dissemination, access and end use of intelligence information in support of Joint and Joint Task Force operations.




VII. Timeline:: (See Figure 1)











Program Dates
JIVE Project 8/7/97 - 8/31/98
Planning 8/7/97 - 8/31/98
Software assessment PH I 1/20/98 - 2/21/98

Software assessment PH II 4/20/98 - 5/21/98

Software assessment PH III 7/20/98 - 8/21/98



VIII. JBC Contribution to the Warfighting Capabilities:


As a collaboration tool, JIVA software applications will enhance communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, while JIVA computer hardware will provide the warfigher with state-of-the-art equipment to assess operational maturity and utility.


The Primary focus of this effort is the evaluation of the functionality of Government designated software packages (e.g., JDISS MCM) on the Joint Task Force and component mission activities. However, during the course of this effort, it may be determined that the selected collaborative tool sets do not readily lend themselves to ease of installation, operation and maintenance in a cohesive package on component workstations. In that event the JBC will coordinate with DIA to insure that fielding of software supports warfighter requirements.


JBC is in an excellent position to construct and evaluate the DIA sponsored JIVA. In developing the JBC JIVA Federated Battle Lab process, the JBC and Labs shall:


(a) Establish and evaluate a virtual architecture

(b) Establish a robust testbed infrastructure, which shall include an ATM network, ISDN dial-up users, limited bandwidth tactical users, and enhanced client-server hardware suite(s)

(c) Evaluate the functionality of collaborative tools on mission applications