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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

CUBIC Common User Baseline for the Intel Community

Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community (CUBIC) segments are developed in response to functional requirements stated by intelligence user organizations. The CUBIC process acknowledged in the early 1990s that "stovepipe" development was counter-productive to the success of intelligence community goals. For this select subset of intelligence applications there is guidance for the implementation of major DOD initiatives and downward directed requirements through formal change control procedures. There is also a primary focus on upward directed requirements identified by operational users. The CUBIC CM process begins and ends with the user and is based upon extensive user involvement.

Rome Laboratory is home to a number of Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DODIIS) legacy and migration system Program Management Offices (PMOs), the Client-Server Environment-System Services (CSE-SS) PMO and lab, and the Joint Integration Test Facility (JITF). The Rome Laboratory Integration and Interoperability Branch (IRDO), working with the 497IG/IND, provides a unique collection of CM services supporting the Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community (CUBIC) organization made up of these selected software applications.

CUBIC has a strong legacy of supporting the intelligence community through defined processes for problem identification, change control, and quality software distribution. The success of CUBIC is predicated upon extensive user participation throughout the software development cy-cle. These concepts have evolved since their initial inception to a streamlined, focused, cost effective methodology that assists the PMO in controlling changes to software baselines and provides critical information to multiple users. The basic organization of CUBIC is the successful partnership between 497IG/IND and Rome Laboratory. The 497IG/IND functions as CUBIC CMs executive manager, ensuring representation of user requirements at upper levels of DOD management. Rome Laboratory/IRDO provides CM services to PMOs and users and supports the 497IG/IND. PMOs at Rome Laboratory, the Electronic Systems Center (ESC) at Hanscom Air Force Base (AFB), and CUBIC users are supported by this process.


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