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Cryptologic Unified Build (CUB)

The Cryptologic Unified Build (CUB) is a collection of software segments that address common functional requirements across the naval cryptologic community. CUB is a centralized ‘clearinghouse’ for Cryptologic System applications providing a commonality of design, look and feel. The segments run within the framework of the Global Command and Control Systems – Maritime (GCCS-M) operating system software which is available to maritime and other force communities under the auspice of DISA’s GCCS Defense Information Infrastructure. The CUB approach is to provide a shared library of IT-21, DII COE compliant reusable software segments to assist the tactical cryptologic operator. It is designed to be the common functional backbone supporting COBLU, CCOP, BGPHES, CDF and SSEE ssytems. Additionally, CUB is expanding its’ signal analysis toolset by rolling selected NSA applications currently in theatre use into the HP-based library.

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