Basis of Issue Plan - BOIP

A. DESCRIPTION: THE RECEIVING SET RADIO RELAY (ARF): AN/ARW-83(V)6 (LIN Z93129) IS THE AIRBORNE MISSION EQUIPMENT OF THE AN/USD-9D GUARDRAIL/COMMON SENSOR (GR/CS) SYSTEM 3. IT CONSISTS OF RACK AND WINGTIP POD-MOUNTED INTERCEPT RECEIVERS, DIRECTION FINDING EQUIPMENT, RF PROCESSORS, A DF RECEIVER AND AN AIRBORNE PORTION OF AN AUTOMATIC SIGNAL CLASSIFICATION AND RECOGNITION (SCAR) SYSTEM MOUNTED IN PODS ON AN RC-12H AIRCRAFT (LIN Z06669). THE PODS, ONE ON EACH WINGTIP, ARE 28"W X 28"H X 150"L WITH AN EMPTY WEIGHT OF 120 POUNDS AND A GROSS WEIGHT OF 316.5 POUNDS EACH. THE ARF ALSO CONTAINS EQUIPMENT FOR ACHIEVING A MICROWAVE LINK TO THE GR/CS SURVEILLANCE PROCESSING FACILITY (AN/TSQ-105(V)6) VIA THE IDL ANTENNA (AN/UPQ-3B). MAJOR COMPONENTS INCLUDE: 5820-01-060-8259 CONVERTER FREQUENCY (SDU REMOTE) 1:1 5820-01-165-2116 PROCESSOR RF 1:1 5820-01-148-1780 DISTRIBUTION UNIT RF 1:1 5821-01-166-3629 RECEIVER RADIO DF 1:1 5821-01-174-3362 POWER PANEL DISTRIBUTION 1:1 5821-01-175-4614 STATUS UNIT ASSY 1:1 5821-01-175-4672 ANTENNA WIDEBAND (IDL) 2:1 5821-01-175-4673 ANTENNA HIGHBAND DF 6:1 5821-01-175-7449 POWER DIVIDER RADIO 3:1 5821-01-188-0386 RECEIVER RADIO 10:1 5821-01-231-3155 POWER SUPPLY ARF 1:1 5840-00-519-8326 ASSY DIPLEXER SWITCH (ADL) 1:1 5895-01-072-4550 DIPLEXER TUNABLE 1:1 5895-01-074-6294 REP:1TER REGENERATIVE 1:1 5895-01-163-3625 DOWN CONVERTER (SCAR) 1:1 5895-01-173-2331 PROCESSOR (SCAR) 1:1 5895-01-173-2349 DEMULTIPLEXER UPLINK 1:1 5895-01-175-4612 DIPLEXER MX-9331 PALLET ASSY 1:1 5895-01-233-0345 COMPUTER DIGITAL AIRBORNE 1:1 5895-01-233-0347 MULTIPLEXER DATA 1:1 5915-01-175-4613 FILTER TUNABLE NOTCH 1:1 5945-01-060-6651 ANTENNA VHF BLADE 6:1 5975-01-233-0391 JUNCTION BOX DC 1:1 5985-01-036-2651 COUPLER TRANSMITTAL 2:1 5985-01-061-7036 COUPLER DIRECTIONAL 1:1 5985-01-269-9140 CONTROL UNIT ANTENNA 2:1 5985-01-269-9141 ANTENNA RANDOM HB 1:1 6130-01-171-9865 POWER SUPPLY 1:1 6130-01-269-9144 CONTROL POWER SUPPLY 1:1 5895-01-269-9161 SWITCH UNIT ANTENNA 1:1 10-131147-1 REMOTE SDU CAGE 28815 1:1 10-166538-1 CONTROL POWER (ARF) CAGE 28815 1:1 10-170152 FILTER CAGE 28815 1:1 15-165748-1 ARF/TDOA ICD CAGE 28815 1:1 68-153852-1 DIPLEXER AUTO-TUNED CAGE 28815 1:1 68-156785-1 PROCESSOR RF CAGE 28815 1:1 7616003-00 PALLET #1 IADL CAGE 06401 1:1 7616006-03 PROCESSOR AIRBORNE EXECUTIVE CAGE 06401 1:1 7616007-00 MULTIPLEXER MOD UNIT CAGE 06401 1:1 7616010-00 TWTA/UPCONVERTER CAGE 06401 1:1 7616012-00 RECEIVER COMMAND CAGE 06401 1:1 7616235-00 DEINTERL:1VER/DECODER AIRBORNE CAGE 06401 1:1 7620309-00 PALLET #2 IADL CAGE 06401 1:1 7620312-00 PANEL CONNECTOR IADL CAGE 06401 1:1 B. CAPABILITIES: The ARF operates as an aerial platform for the Guardrail/Common Sensor system 3. It intercepts low-, mid-, and high-band communications signals and the relaying of tactical information between the AN/TSQ-105(V)6A surveillance information processing center (IPF) and theater army users. The major functions of the ARF are to perform initial signal classification, acquisition, and recognition (SCAR) measurements of the intercepted communications signals; to compute the direction finding (DF) line of bearing (LOB) of the intercepted signals; and to process the modulations of the intercepted signals. The SCAR measurements, LOB data, and signal modulations are then transmitted from the ARF to the IPF via the interoperable data link (IDL). The ARF is remotely controlled by ground based operators. ARF provides secure link VOW, and UHF BUVOW. C. EMPLOYMENT: THE AN/ARW-83(V)6A PROVIDES A REMOTELY CONTROLLED INTERCEPT/DIRECTION FINDING SUBSYSTEM WHICH FEEDS DATA VIA MICROWAVE DATA LINK (IDL) ANTENNA TO THE GR/CS INFORMATION PROCESSING FACILITY (IPF) AN/TSQ-105(V)6. THE ARF ALSO INCLUDES A TWO-WAY ICTT RELAY TO AND FROM THE IPF AND THEATER ARMY COMMANDERS. THE IGR-V TYPE DF EQUIPMENT CONTAINED IN THE ARF CONSISTS OF SPECIFICALLY ARRANGED DF ANTENNA PAIRS WITH A RADIO FREQUENCY PROCESSOR, AN ADPU AND A DF RECEIVER. ALSO INCLUDED ARE ELEMENTS OF THE AUTOMATIC SIGNAL CLASSIFICATION AND RECOGNITION SYSTEM (SCARS). ALL RECEIVER COMMANDS AND DATA ARE TRANSMITTED VIA THE IDL. D. BASIS OF ISSUE: THREE PER FLIGHT SECTION TEAM TOE 32538AF00. E. POWER REQUIREMENTS: POWER FOR THE ARF IS PROVIDED BY THE AIRCRAFT (RC-12H): 128 VAC, 3 PHASE 400 HZ AND +28 VDC. F. TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENT: This system is transported by organic unit aircraft. G. PERSONNEL/MAINTENANCE IMPACTS: (1) OPERATOR: MOS 33W MAINTAINERS (2) MAINTAINERS: UL MAINTENANCE: MOS 33W DS MAINTENANCE: MOS 33W GS MAINTENANCE: USAF Contract H. SPECIAL NOTE: The Airborne Relay Facility (ARF), AN/ARW-83(V)6A is appropriate for publication in AR ABOI.