Basis of Issue Plan - BOIP

Airborne Relay Facility A. DESCRIPTION: The Airborne Relay Facility AN/ARW-83 (V) 6 is made up of one major system the Airborne Relay Facility (ARF) AN/ARW-83 (V) 6, and two subsystems the Airplane Reconnaissance Utility (Twelve RC-12Ks), and the Interoperable Data Link (IDL) Tracking Antennas (Two IDL Antennas). AFR/Aircraft, collects VHF and UHF communication signals, and transmits direction finding (DF) data and modulation signals via the interoperable data link (IDL) to the Integrated Processing Facility (IPF). The IDL provides microwave communication links between the airborne and ground based element of the IPF. The ARF also relays both data and voice information to intelligence users from the IPF to tactical communications terminals in the corps area of operations. The ARF/Aircraft also serves as relay platform for communications between IPF and the supported commands. This system incorporates the Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System (CHAALS) to achieve precision target locations for its COMINT system. Targeting accuracy is also provided by the ELINT system. Ground to ground (including CTT) communications links provide automated message distribution to tactical commanders in near real time. ARF system is designed for installation in a RC-12K aircraft. Power for the AN/ARW-83 (V) 6 is supplied by the aircraft which is 128 VAC, 400HZ and 28 VDC. Aircraft dimensions: height 14 feet 6 inches, length 43 feet 9 inches, wingspan 57 feet 9 inches, and weight 1490 pounds. B. CAPABILITIES: Airborne Relay Facility (ARF): range is classified; main equipment systems are: signal collection equipment, SCAR equipment, DF equipment, radio/cryptographic equipment and radio relay for TTY and TCC; user communications support is tactical communications terminal; vehicle system is RC-12K aircraft; power system is two 28 volt 400 ampere/hr generators mounted on engines and converted to 115V AC 3ph AC by an inverter; and maintainer is 33R. The ARF is remotely controlled by ground based operators. System collects on wide spectrum of HF, UHF and VHF radio signals. ARF can support up to 32 tactical communication terminals. System provides secure link VOW, and UHF BUVOW. Line of sight system. Has specialized maintenance and logistical support and removal of ARF is required to perform aircraft maintenance. Aircraft (RC-12K): Range is 1,200 nautical miles; main equipment is the Airborne Relay Facility (AN-ARW/83 (V) 5); Crew is two SEMA qualified pilots; user communication support is UHF, VHF, HF and VOW; Vehicle is modified Beechcraft 200 airframe; Power system is two PT6A-41, free turbine, reverse flow engines rated at 850 shaft horsepower at 100% torque and maintained by BASI civilian contractors. Aircraft is day/night all weather capability with pressurized cabin. Uses a inertial navigation system which is non-jammable. Only two crew are required to operate aircraft. It is deployable world wide and requires well maintained, instrumented, hard surface runway. Interoperable Data Link (IDL) Tracking Antenna (AN/UPQ-3B): Range is classified; Main equipment systems is large surface dish antenna, modularized IDL surface terminals (MIST) in the IPF, and small air dish antenna mounted on front and aft of aircraft; system is operated by Paramax contractors and 33Rs; user communication support is ARF; system is mounted on M390 trailer and pulled by a dedicated 2 1/2 ton truck; system is powered by Power Distribution System AN/MJQ-26; and IDL is maintained by Paramax contractors and 33R. System provides a non-jammable secure link from aircraft to IPF and is line of sight. IDL is highly mobile. 1320 feet is the max distance the antenna may be placed from the IPF. Requires civilian contractor support to operate and maintain. C. EMPLOYMENT: This system is employed only to the Military Intelligence Brigade, Aerial Exploitation Battalion, Corps (34418C400). D. BASIS OF ISSUE: One Per AEB, CORPS (MI). E. POWER REQUIREMENTS: Power for this facility is supplied by the RC-12K Aircraft. F. TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENT: This system is transported by organic unit vehicles. G. PERSONNEL/MAINTENANCE IMPACTS: (For Principal Item Only) (1) OPERATOR: NONE DESIGNATED. (2) MAINTAINERS: A. UL MAINTENANCE: 33R B. DS MAINTENANCE: 33R H. SPECIAL NOTES: BOIPS (() old BOIP numbers): M050AA (860010), M050AB (860011), M050AC (860012), M050AD (860013), M050AD (860014), M050MA (860015), M050MB (860016), M050MC (860017), M050AI (890159), M050AJ (890160), and M087AH all make up GUARDRAIL/Common Sensor. The Airborne Relay Facility (ARF) AN/ARW-83 (V) 6 is appropriate for publication in AR 71-13.