Intelligence Collection Programs

Army Science Board Briefing
PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors

9 June 1999

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Table of Contents

Program Executive Office Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors



Vision & Mission Statement

FY99 Organization

PEO IEW&S Organization

Ground Combat

Horizontal Technology Integration SGF Battlefield View

Horizontal Technology Integration 2nd Generation FLIR

Uncooled IR Systems

Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3)

Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)

Image Intensifier (I2) Systems

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BCIS System Description

CIDDS Stand-Alone System Description

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Sentinel System

Sentinel Technical Capabilities

ARL Decisions - Page 1

Scanning Radar vs Side Looking

ARL Decisions - Page 2

ARL-M Wide Area Mode (IOF Sep 96)

ARL-M Narrow Sector Search Mode (IOF Oct 97)

ARL-M Single Beam Scan Mode (IOF Oct 97)

Acquisition Reform: Meeting The Soldier’s Needs

ARL Images: SAR and MTI

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ARL - Supporting the Warfighter

Airborne Reconnaissance Low -M Capabilities

GUARDRAIL/Common Sensor Operational Concept

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Guardrail Common Sensor

Aerial Common Sensor Operational Concept

Full Spectrum

Prophet Operational Concept

Prophet’s Graphical Display with Electronic Target Indicators (ETIs)

In Tactical UAVs

Army UAV Concept (Past)

11 March 1999

Termination Of Hunter Acquisition Created A Gap

Hunter UAV System

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JISR Sensor Grid

Ground Integrated Target Identification System (GITIS): Man-in-the-loop simulation to assess value added of on- and off-board IEW and FBCB2 systems for ground combat vehicles.

How We Tie it All Together Today...

Technical Architectures & Standards


Tactical UAV (TUAV) Mission Driver Sensor “Plug-and-Play”

Emerging Air Vehicle Sensor Architecture

Sensor Integration Strategy

Theater Precision Strike Operation (TPSO)

Rapid Terrain Visualization

Network Centric Warfare

Transition to Vision 2010

RSTA Sensor System Interoperability

ARL and GR/CS Interoperability Demo

ARL-M and GR/CS Interoperability Operational Scenario

SIGINT & Imagery Processing (S&IP) Architecture Evolution

Integration of several IEW ground processing stations ( CGS, TUAV, and Prophet Control ) reduces intelligence data latency and improves data accuracy.

Technology Trends for 2025


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