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DATE: 30 October 1998

UAV Control System Prepares for Flight Demonstration


    Under the direction of the Program Executive Office, Cruise Missiles and Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the Tactical Control System (TCS) is being developed as the ground control station architecture for the Department of Defense’s family of tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The TCS program was formally established in September 1997 with its designation as an ACAT II program. TCS will provide command and control of tactical UAVs and their payloads, as well as data dissemination to designated C4I systems. TCS will provide the capability to operate different types of UAVs and payloads from a single ground station. Prior to this initiative, each UAV system has had it’s own unique operator control system which resulted in multiple, non-interoperable ground stations with little or no C4I system connectivity.

    Currently, a land-based TCS prototype is being built at the UAV Joint Technology Center/Systems Integration Laboratory (JTC/SIL) located at the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. This TCS configuration is currently undergoing final system integration testing in preparation for flight demonstrations with the Army’s Outrider Tactical UAV. The TCS Program Office plans to use this land-based configuration to demonstrate Outrider air vehicle and payload control later this year.

    The TCS Program continues to proceed towards a Milestone II decision in 3rd quarter, fiscal year 1999. Following this decision, the TCS Program will transition to its Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development (EMD) phase, during which time formal developmental and operational testing is planned. Upon completion of EMD, TCS will be fielded per service direction with the Predator Medium Altitude Endurance UAV and the Army and Navy/Marine Corps Tactical UAV weapons system ground control stations. Additional TCS systems may be fielded to provide UAV capability on U.S. Navy ships and with various Army/Marine Corps operational units.

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