DATE=2/22/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=SHUTTLE LANDING (S & L) NUMBER=2-259465 BYLINE=JESSICA BERMAN DATELINE=WASHINGTON CONTENT= Voice at : INTRO: The space shuttle Endeavour landed at Kennedy Space Center Florida Tuesday evening. The touch down completed an eleven-day mission that resulted in the most detailed maps ever produced of the Earth's surface. VOA Science Correspondent Jessica Berman reports. TEXT: The Endeavour's astronauts had three opportunities to land the shuttle Tuesday, and they bypassed the first one because of high winds at the landing site in Florida. The second chance came a little after 23-hundred hours universal time, and shuttle commander Kevin Kreegle brought Endeavour in for a landing. (at 6:22 p.m., EST) He was congratulated by mission control in Houston, Texas after the shuttle came to a rest. /// MISSION CONTROL /// Roger, wheel stop, Endeavour. Kevin, congratulations to you and crew on a highly successful mission of mapping the world. /// END ACT /// During its 11 day mission, Endeavour took high- resolution radar images of 119-million square kilometers - or about 80 percent - of the Earth's surface. The images will be turned into detailed, three dimensional maps. /// REST OPT FOR LONG /// The mission was not problem-free. Early on, there was a malfunction with a separate fuel system devised to stabilize the radar mast. The mast had to remain relatively still while a radar device at the end of the boom bounced waves off the Earth's surface. To compensate the breakdown, the crew fired the shuttle's engines more often than planned, dipping into the shuttle's main fuel supply. When it looked as if the mission might have to be cut short by a day or two, mission controllers came up with a number of fuel saving measures announced by mission spokesman Milt Heflin. /// HEFLIN ACTUALITY /// The things I'm talking about to you today are sort of nickel, dime, quarter sort of savings. But if you do this over hours and days, you can build up to where you can have mission completion here. /// END ACTUALITY /// The fuel saving measures worked and, halfway through the mission, controllers at the U-S space agency - NASA - determined Endeavour could complete its misson - which it did Tuesday night. (SIGNED) NEB/JB/TVM/PT 22-Feb-2000 20:54 PM EDT (23-Feb-2000 0154 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .