[Presidential Directives and Executive Orders]

Interagency Space Policy Review
[15 May 1995]


May 15, 1995



SUBJECT: Interagency Space Policy Review

Pursuant to the November 23, 1993, Executive Order issued by the President establishing the National Science and Technology Council, the NSTC is charged with overseeing, the duties of the National Space Council. Prior to the establishment of the NSTC, a number of National Space Policy Directives (NSPDs) were developed through the National Space Council. These NSPDs contain national policy, guidelines and implementing actions with respect to the conduct of the United States space programs and related activities. In addition to these NSPDs, there are several national security directives which contain policy guidance related to space.

Given the changes that have taken place in our domestic and international space policy, and in light of Presidential directives signed by President Clinton (NSTC/PDD-2, NSTC/PDD-3, NSTC/PDD-4), it is appropriate to undertake a comprehensive review of our national space policy. The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Security Council will therefore co-chair an Interagency Working Group to review the following National Space Council Policy Directives:

National Space Policy Directive 1-National Space Policy (November 2, 1989)
National Space Policy Directive 2-Commercial Space Launch Policy (September 5, 1990)
National Space Policy Directive 3-U.S. Commercial Space Launch Policy Guidelines (February 12, 1991)
National Space Policy Directive 4-National Space Launch Strategy (July 24, 1991)
National Space Policy Directive 5-Landsat Remote Sensing Strategy (February 2, 1992)
National Space Policy Directive 6-Space Exploration Initiative Strategy (March 13, 1992)
National Space Policy Directive 7-Space-based Global Change Observation (May, 28 1992)

The Interagency Working Group will also review related national security directives as appropriate.

Guidelines for the Review

An Interagency Working Group (IWG) will be established to conduct the review. The IWG will be co-chaired by OSTP and NSC and will include the participation of the agencies and departments listed as distribution on this review directive. The co-chairs may invite other agencies to participate as appropriate and may delegate work to be completed under this directive to special working groups or sub-groups of the IWG.

External Advice

The interagency working group may also seek advice from members of the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology and other appropriate representatives of industry, academia, the nonprofit sector and state and local governments in conducting this review.

Scope of the Review

The review will:

  1. Identify and recommend changes to portions of NSPD-1 that are factually incorrect or out of date.

  2. Identify and recommend changes to NSPD-1 that are required in order to align NSPD-1 with space policy established in NSTC-2 (Landsat Remote Sensing), NSTC-3 (Convergence of DoD/NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites) and NSTC-4(National Space Transportation Policy).

  3. Identify and recommend other appropriate changes to NSPD-1 to reflect the Administration's civilian, national security and commercial space policy.

  4. Provide recommendations on elimination and/or consolidation of NPSD-2, NSPD-3, NSPD-4, NSPD-5, NSPD-6 and NSPD-7.

  5. Identify and recommend appropriate changes to related national security directives containing guidance on space policies and programs.


Recommendations resulting from this review will be provided to the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs no later than November 1, 1995.

John H. Gibbons
Assistant to the President for
Science and Technology

Anthony Lake
Assistant to the President for
National Security Affairs