[National Security Action Memoranda (NSAMs)]

December 1, 1964




I approve the recommendation of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, which was concurred in by the Director of Emergency Planning and the Secretary of Defense, that a review be undertaken on national stockpile policy.

Specifically I direct that a study, in light of the current military judgment of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, be made of how the Government can best determine on a continually current basis: a) the material resources which would be required to win such conventional wars as seems most likely that we might have to fight, b) those resources that would be required to rehabilitate the economy and social organization of the country following a major nuclear exchange, should the U. S. be forced to deal with either of these contingencies, c) the alternative means available to provide these resources, and d) the policy implications (including fiscal and national security) of alternative courses of action.

The study will devote particular attention to:

(1) The major military and economic assumptions used in calculating existing conventional war stockpile objectives.

(2) The assumptions, techniques, and goals used in the establishment of post-nuclear attack supply requirements.

(3) The relationship of economic rehabilitation requirements to other post-nuclear requirements, such as those for food, shelter, medicine, and other resources required for the survival of the remaining population in the period of extreme emergency.

To organize and coordinate this study, I hereby establish a Special Committee on Stockpile Objectives with my Special Assistant for National Security Affairs as its chairman. The other members will be the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Commerce, my Special Assistant for Science and Technology, the Director of Emergency Planning, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, and the Director of the Bureau of the Budget. In conducting this study, this Committee will draw on the resources of all departments and agencies as appropriate.

I request that the Committee report its initial findings and recommendations to me by April 1, 1965.

Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, National Security Action Memoranda, NSAM 321, Review of Strategic Stockpile Objectives, Box 6. Confidential (declassified).