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EL-1996-00056 - Aerials of the National Transonic Facility

LISAR Number: EL-1996-00056
LaRC Number: L-92-8186

The National Transonic Facility (NFT) is a fan driven, closed circuit, continuous flow,pressurized wind tunnel. The test section is 8.2ft. by 8.2ft. and 25ft. long. with a slotted-wall configuration. The facility's unique operating capability of high Reynolds number testing, up to 120x106 at Mach 1.0 (based on a reference chord length of 9.84 inches) provides a customer with high quality, repeatable data for project development needs that require near-full scale test conditions. High Reynolds number test conditions are achieved by utilizing cryogenic technology (nitrogen gas). Dry air may also be used for obtaining noncryogenic test conditions. The tunnel operating Mach number range is from 0.2 to 1.2, and the test temperature range is from +150 degrees to -250 degrees F. The total pressure operating range for the NFT is from 15 to 30 psia. The NFT also provides the capability to test full-span (string mounted) or half-span (wall mounted) models. With both temperature and pressure as test variables, three types of investigations are available; these include Reynolds number effects at constant Mach number and dynamic pressure, model aeroelastic effects at constant Reynolds number and Mach number, and Mach number effects at constant dynamic pressure and Reynolds number. As a result of these unique capabilities, the facility is rated as "World Class". A $42.2 million (fiscal year 1994) facility upgrade for productivity improvement is scheduled for 1997.

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