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EL-1996-00039 - Aerial: The 16 foot Transonic Tunnel

LISAR Number: EL-1996-00039
LaRC Number: L-86-4497

The LaRC 16 foot TT shown was originally placed in operation in 1941, is a closed-circuit, single return, continuos-flow atmospheric tunnel. Speeds up to Mach 1.05 are obtained with the tunnel main-drive fans, and speeds from Mach 1.05 up to Mach 1.30 are obtained with a combination of main-drive and test-section plenum suction. The slotted octagonal test section measures 15.5 feet across the flats. The tunnel is equipped with an air exchanger with adjustable intake and exit vanes to provide some temperature control. This facility has a main-drive power system consisting of two 30,000-hp motors driving counter rotating fans. A 36,000-hp compressor provides test-section plenum suction. The tunnel is used for force, moment, pressure, flow-visualization, and propulsion-airframe integration studies. Model mounting consists of sting, sting-strut, and semispan support arrangements; propulsion simulation studies are made dry, cold, high-pressure air or with air-driven engine simulation.

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