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Imaging Spectrometers

Name Full Name Manufacturer Operator Number of Bands Spectral Coverage
AAHIS Advanced Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System SETS Technology 288 432-832
AHS Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Daedalus Enterprise Inc. 48 433-12700
AIP Airborne Instrument Program Lockheed NASA Johnson Space Center 2000-6400
AIS-1 Airborne Imaging Spectrometer "NASA, JPL" "NASA, JPL" 128 "900-2100, 1200-2400"
AIS-2 Airborne Imaging Spectrometer "NASA, JPL" "NASA, JPL" 128 "800-1600, 1200-2400"
AISA Airborne Imaging Spectrometer for Applications Specim Ltd. Specim Ltd. 286 450-900
AMS Airborne Modis Simulator (based on Daedalus AADS-1268) NASA 50 530-15500
AMSS Airborne Multispectral Scanner MK-II Geoscan Pty Ltd. Geoscan Pty Ltd. 46 500-12000
ASAS Advanced Solid State Array Spectroradiometer NASA NASA 62 400-1060
ASTER Simulator ASTER Simulator GER Corp. "JAPEX Geoscience Institute, Tokyo" 24 760.0-12000
AVIRIS Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer "NASA, JPL" "NASA, Ames" 224 400-2450
CAESAR CCD Airborne Experimantal Scanner for Applicators in Remote Sensing NLR 12 520-780
CASI Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager Itres Research 288 430-870
CHRISS Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrograph Sensor Science Applications Int. Corp. (SAIC) "SETS Technology, Inc." 40 430-860
CIS Chinese Imaging Spectrometer Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics 91 400-12500
DAIS 21115 Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer GER Corp. 211 400-12000
DAIS 3715 Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer GER Corp. 37 400-12000
DAIS 7915 Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer GER Corp. DLR, Germany 79 400-12000
EPS-A Environmental Probe System GER Corp. 32 400-12000
FLI / PMI Flourocence Line Imager / Porgrammable Multispectral Imager Moniteq Ltd. Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans 228 430-805
FTVFHSI Fourier-Transform Visible Hyperspectral Imager "Kestrel Corp., FIT" 256 440-1150
GERIS Geophysical and Environmental Research Imaging Spectrometer GER Corp. 63 400-2500
HIRIS High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer NASA EOS 192 400-2500
HYDICE Hyperspectral Digital Imagery Collection Experiment Naval Research Laboratory ERIM 210 413-2504
IISRB Infrared Imaging Spectrometer Bomem 1720 3500-5000
IMSS Image Multispectral Sensing Pacific Advanced Technology 320 2000-5000
IRIS Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer ERIM 256 2000-15000
ISM Imaging Spectroscopic Mapper DESPA 128 800-3200
LIVTIRS 1 Livermore Imaging Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer Lawrence Livermore 3000-5000
LIVTIRS 2 Livermore Imaging Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer Lawrence Livermore 8000-12000
MAIS Modualr Airborne Imaging Spectrometer Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics 71 440-11800
MAS MODIS Airborne Simulator Daedalus Enterprise Inc. NASA Ames & GSFC 50 530-14500
MERIS Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer ESA 15 400-1050
MIDIS Multiband Identification and Discrimination Imaging Spectroradiometer "Surface Optics Corp., JPL" 256 400-30000
MIVIS Multispectral Infrared and Visible Imaging Spectrometer Daedalus Enterprise Inc. "CNR, Rome" 102 433-12700
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer NASA EOS 36 415-14240
ROSIS Reflective Optics System Imaging Spectrometer DLR, GKSS, MBB DLR 128 450-850
SFSI SWIR Full Spectrographic Imager CCRS CCRS 122 1200-2400
SMIFTS Spatially Modulated Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer Hawaii Institute of Geophysics 75 1000-5000
SSTI HSI Small Satellite Technology Initiative Hyperspectral Imager TRW Inc. NASA 384 400-2500
TRWIS III TRW Imaging Spectrometer TRW Inc. 384 300-2500
VIFIS Variable Interference Filter Imaging Spectrometer Univ. of Dundee 60 440-890
VIMS-V Visible Infrared Mapping Spectrometer ASI NASA Cassini Mission 512 300-1050
WIS Wedge Imaging Spectrometer Hughes St. Barbara Research Center 170 400-2500

I post this list on the net as is. I hope I will receive many comments and enhancements! The best book for compiling such a list is:

Herbert J. Kramer

Oberservation of the Earth and Its Environment

Survey of Missions and Sensors
Second Edition with 170 Figures and 244 Tables, p. 580
Springer-Verlag, 1994
ISBN 3-540-57858-7
ISBN 0-387-57858-7

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