The CD-ROM is especially useful to those who do not have fast download capability, i.e., are on slow phone modems. It is likewise valuable because of its portability. It is gaining popularity also as an alternative to a remote sensing textbook because of its abundance of illustrations. The CD-ROM is kept up-to-date with all of the latest additions, whereas the Internet version of the Tutorial is no longer being updated.

As of 2003 NASA no longer distributes the Remote Sensing Tutorial in an up-to-date CD-ROM format. However, its prime creator, Dr. Nicholas M. Short, has agreed to produce limited quantities of the CD for personal and educational uses, using his home computer. Contact him at [email protected] for information on ordering, which includes his home address (which he wishes to keep out of the general Internet version to avoid undesired solicitations).

Dr. Short regrets that he is unable to provide CDs to various individuals and organizations whose circumstances make it difficult to afford to purchase the CD version. Many worthy people across the world have requested "free" copies for educational and training purposes. But, because Dr. Short is retired, no longer at NASA, and presently has no support whatsoever from NASA to continue the Tutorial (other than maintaining the website server that supports the online version - actually, a NASA Goddard volunteer provides this function), he is not in a position to provide complimentary copies to needy groups, especially those in the international community. It will take a specific decision by NASA as part of their Educational mission to establish a policy of making the CDs available to such recipients at reduced or no cost.

Thus, of necessity there is presently a $20 charge, (payable by check, cash, or money order; sorry - no credit cards or purchase orders can be accepted) to cover costs in preparing the CD content, producing a CD copy, and shipping. Funds to purchase this not-for-profit CD MUST be paid for in United States Dollars only.

The price includes all preparation and postage. Also if more than one copy is desired, the price of extra copies beyond the first is reduced to $18 U.S. for each additional copy. A group rate for 10 or more copies (appropriate as a supplementary textbook for instructional purposes) of $15 each also applies.

Note: Most images and illustrations in the Tutorial, including those obtained directly by downloading off the Internet, are believed to be in the public domain. Acknowledgements are made wherever relevant and feasible. If a provider or source of any images used in the Tutorial decides that identification and permission are still needed, or wishes to have the material removed, please contact Dr. Short to work out the conditions of use. Also he occasionally receives requests to use material from the Tutorial from, and by, individuals on their websites or in publications. Although in many instances information about the ultimate source is no longer available, Dr. Short will try to grant permission to use whenever there is no legal conflict.


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