IMINT 102 - Documentation

NTB Minutes June 1996

Exploitation and Reporting Structure Directives (EARS)

On 11 to 13 June 1996, the National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) Technical Board (NTB) met at Logicon in Reston, VA. Kennith D. Whitson, Central Imagery Office (CIO), chaired the meeting. ... ... ... 15. Danny Rajan, CIO, presented the "Exploitation and Reporting Structure Directives (EARS) Exploitation and Reporting Committee (XREP)" (enclosure 20). Mr. Rajan explained what EARS is, described the EARS structure, provided an EARS document list, and described the management structure. He presented the proposed migration plan for exploitation reporting.

Today, text-based intelligence reports are defined in the EARS, but imagery/graphics-based intelligence products are not always provided in standard formats. The community will have two primary exploitation support systems, a National Exploitation System (NES) and an Imagery Exploitation Support System (IESS), with imagery/graphics-based reporting done in a standard format defined by EARS by 1998 and will have a single Exploitation Support System (ESS) where all products will be standards based by 2001.

The XREP, which manages EARS, is working to generate a single DOD/National Reporting Format to support migration to NES/ESS, and to establish/select standards for graphical reporting. Currently, there are no standards and guidelines for graphical reporting. MIL-STD-2525A, which deals with symbology, may be adopted and expanded to meet the requirement.