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Aerial view of Endeavour, OV-105, parked on Ellington Field runway

NASA Photo ID: S91-36408 Date Taken: 05/09/91

This aerial view looks down on Endeavour, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 105, atop a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) NASA 911, a modified Boeing 747, parked on an Ellington Field runway. The tail cone added to OV-105 to enhance the aerodynamics of the spacecraft/aircraft transport system is clearly visible. Ground transportation vehicles (cars, trucks) and a crowd surround OV-105 and NASA 911. Ceremonies were held during OV-105's brief stopover at Ellington Field, near JSC. The new space vehicle, sans SCA, was rolled out of Rockwell's Palmdale facility on 04-25-91. This again brings the total of NASA Shuttles available for flight assignment to four. The spacecraft and aircraft-tandem left Houston later on this day headed for a stop in Mississippi before landing in Florida on 05-07-91. This photograph was taken from a NASA T-38 aircraft by Sheri J. Dunnette of JSC's Image Sciences Division (ISD).

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