Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information

Topical Guidelines for New Production Reactors


March 1993

Department of Energy

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I - Introduction

A. Purpose.
B. Background.
C. Policy.
D. Authority.
E. Scope.
F. Procedures.
G. Issuing Organization.
H. Information Not Covered By These or General Guidelines.
I. References.
J. Topic Cross Reference List

CHAPTER II - UCNI Guidelines

A. General.
B. Facility and Equipment Design and Operation.
C. Security.
D. "No Comment" Policy.

CHAPTER III - Definitions

A. Atomic Energy Defense Programs.
B. Controlling Official.
C. Denying Official.
D. Document or Material.
E. Government Information.
F. Information.
G. Nuclear Material.
H. Reviewing Official.
I. Special Nuclear Material.

CHAPTER IV - Abbreviations and Acronyms