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Mr. GLENN. Mr. President, I rise to pay tribute to Fred Hitz, who will soon be retiring from his position as CIA Inspector General. I have known Fred since he worked in the Department of Energy's congressional affairs' office in the 1970's, and I have gotten to know Fred particularly well since he became the first statutory CIA Inspector General in November of 1990. As Fred heads off to teach at Princeton University--his alma mater, I would simply note that the CIA's loss will be Princeton's gain.

As the first statutory CIA IG, all of Fred's moves have been relentlessly scrutinized as his mission was often met with a great deal of apprehension. Fred was faced with the significant challenge of establishing an internal, yet independent, oversight mechanism within the CIA that served the DCI, and had certain responsibilities to the Congressional oversight committees. Over seven years later, because of Fred Hitz's tenacity, integrity, and respect for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA Office of Inspector General has matured, and today provides the effective, professional oversight that Congress intended when the CIA IG Act was passed in 1989. This has been no small achievement.

In over 7 years of service as the CIA IG, Fred Hitz and his office have generated hundreds of quality products, and have advanced the national security of the United States by demonstrably improving the efficiency and effectiveness of this important agency. Fred has overseen the conduct of increasingly sophisticated and highly visible audits, inspections and investigations that have enhanced the accountability of the CIA and preserved the trust of CIA management, Congress and the public.

Fred has developed and promoted standards of accountability that have brought consistency and fairness to the Agency's handling of employee performance issues. He has greatly strengthened the Office of Inspector General by expanding the size of its professional cadre and the scope of its efforts, as well as by insisting that its audits, inspections and investigations be conducted with thoroughness, strict objectivity and an unwavering devotion to quality. In so doing, Fred has garnered the Office of Inspector General the respect, admiration and trust of CIA managers, counterparts throughout the Intelligence Community and the U.S. Government--and the Congressional intelligence oversight committees.

As a result of Fred's leadership, the CIA's Office of Inspector General has become a bulwark of independence and professionalism, assuring the American people that their nation's premier intelligence organization is conducting its activities efficiently, effectively and under the rule of law.

Mr. President, the CIA and the nation owe Fred Hitz a great deal of gratitude for his fine work at the Central Intelligence Agency. I wish Fred all the best in all of his future endeavors.

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