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United States Imagery and
Geospatial Information System (USIGS)
USIGS Technical Architecture (UTA)
Revision A

26 January 1999

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USIGS Technical Architecture
Revision A

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope of the UTA
1.3 Considerations in Using the UTA
1.4 Control and Update of the UTA
1.5 Content and Structure of Document

2. Technical Reference Model
2.1 Operational Context
2.2 DoD Technical Reference Model
2.3 Summary of Reference Model Categories and Components

3. Application Platform Entity Standards
3.1 Background
3.2 Standards Definitions
3.3 Standards Profile Summary
3.4 Description of Specifications and Usage

4. Application Software Entity Standards
4.1 Mission Area Applications
4.2 Support Applications

5. Conventions and Guidelines
5.1 USIGS Conventions
5.2 USIGS Guidelines

6. Standards Technology Forecast
6.1 Synopsis of NIMA Imagery and Geospatial Technology Forecast
6.2 Distributed Computing
6.3 Open GIS Consortium Activities
6.4 Collaborative Computing
6.5 Security

Appendix A: MCG&I Domain Services
A.1 Consensus MCG&I Domain Architecture
A.2 MCG&I Domain Service Categories

Appendix B: UTA Relationship with DII COE
B.1 JTA Mandate for DII COE
B.2 DII COE Architecture and the UTA

Appendix C: NIMA Product Specifications and Standards

Appendix D: Acronyms

Appendix E: USIGS Glossary Extract

Appendix F: References

Addendum: Standards Summary and Compliance Checklist

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