Index USIGS Glossary

-- A --
Acronym Definition Source
12AF Twelfth Air Force 12AF Web Site
14AF Fourteenth Air Force SPACECOM Web Site
5D Demand Driven Direct Digital Dissemination USIS 95
A&D Archive and Dissemination USIGS ERS
A&D LDM Archive and Dissemination Logical Data Model UIP-C
A&T Acquisition and Technology DoD TRM
A/T Along Trace HDBK-850
A3I Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative USIGS ERS
AAC Advance Audio Coding JTA 2.0
AAFIF Automated Air Facilities Information File NIMA LOP
AAIS ACE ACCIS Implementation Strategy (NATO) DISA CFS
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer JTA 2.0
AAP Advanced Acquisition Plan DISA CFS
AATSR Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer CCRS Glossary
ABBET A Broad Based Environment for Test JTA 2.0
ABC Airborne Control HDBK-850
ABCS Army Battle Command System DII MP
ABIS Advanced Battlespace Information System DII MP
ABIT Airborne Information Transmission DCGS HDBK
ABOR Abort JTA 2.0
AC Access Control DISA CFS
ACC Air Combat Command USIS 95
ACC Architecture Coordination Council JTA 2.0
ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System DISA CFS
ACCS Army Command and Control System DISA CFS
ACD Additional Change Definition UCMP
ACE Allied Command Europe SHAPE Web Site
ACE Aviation Combat Element JPUB 1-02
ACINT Acoustic Intelligence JPUB 1-02
ACMS Automated Configuration Management System UCMP
ACN Airborne Communication Node DCGS HDBK
ACO Airspace Control Order USIGS ERS
ACOM United States Atlantic Command ACOM Web Site
ACP Advanced Common Processor DCGS HDBK
ACP Allied Communications Publication JTA 2.0
ACPT Automated Corporate Planning Tool DISA CFS
ACR American College of Radiology UAF-B
ACRES Australian Centre for Remote Sensing AUSLIG Web Site
ACRM Airborne Collection Requirements Message DCGS HDBK
ACR-NEMA American College of Radiology - National Electrical Manufacturers Association JTA 2.0
ACS Access Control System DISA CFS
ACSE Association Control Service Element TOGAF 3
ACSM American Congress on Surveying and Mapping ACSM Web Site
ACT Advanced Concepts and Technology DCGS HDBK
ACT Architecture Characterization Template DISA CFS
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration JTA 2.0
ADAPT Architecture Design, Analysis, and Planning Tool DISA CFS
ADAS Automatic Digital Annotation System HDBK-850
ADATP Allied Data Processing Publication DISA CFS
ADATP Allied Data Publication DISA CFS
ADDE Aeronautical Digital Data Environment IGC FMG
ADDS Aeronautical Digital Data System UAF-B
ADE Application Development Environment JTA 2.0
ADEPT Administrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission DISA CFS
ADF Access Control Decision Function DISA CFS
ADM Aeronautical Data Maintenance HDBK-850
ADMD Administrative Management Domain DISA CFS
ADP Automated Data Processing DISA CFS
ADP/T Automated Data Processing /Telecommunications DISA CFS
ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment DISA CFS
ADPLO Automated Data Processing Liaison Office DISA CFS
ADRG ARC Digitized Raster Graphics NIMA LOP
ADRI ARC Digitized Raster Imagery Navy MC&G
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency (NATO) DISA CFS
ADUA Administrative Directory User Agent DISA CFS
AE Application Entity DISA CFS
AEF Access Control Enforcement Function DISA CFS
AEPS Airfield Exploitation Production System IGC FMG
AES Advanced Edit System USIGS RG
AES Application Evironment Specification JTA 2.0
AES3 Audio Engineering Society 3 JTA 2.0
AF ATM Forum JTA 2.0
AFAMPE Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange DISA CFS
AFCEA Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association AFCEA Web Site
AFCS Armed Forces Courier Service DISA CFS
AFIN Air Force Information Network DISA CFS
AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center USAF Web Site
AFMC Air Force Materiel Command USIS 95
AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System JTA 2.0
AFNET Air Force Network DISA CFS
AFP Adapter Function and Parametric Data Interface JTA 2.0
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL Web Site
AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Service DefenseLINK
AFS Aerial Film Speed HDBK-850
AFS Andrew File System DISA CFS
AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network GPS JPO Web Site
AFSPC Air Force Space Command DISA CFS
AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center AFTAC Web Site
AGCCS Army Global Command and Control System DCGS HDBK
AGL Above Ground Level Navy MC&G
AH Authentication Header JTA 2.0
AI Artificial Intelligence DISA CFS
AIA Air Intelligence Agency USAF Web Site
AIEE Aeronautical Imagery Exploitation Environment AMSRD
AIG Air Intelligence Group UAF-B
AIG Architecture Integration Group UTA-A
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network DISA CFS
AIP ASARS Improvement Program DCGS HDBK
AIRES Advance Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System USAD Vol. 1
AIRTAPS Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance Tracking and Plotting System AIRTAPS
AIS Automated Information System DoDD 5000.1
AISSO Automated Information Systems Security Officer DISA CFS
AITI Automated Interchange of Technical Information JTA 2.0
AITS Adopted Information Technology Standards DoD TRM
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive DISA CFS
AIX Alternate Imagery Exploitation USIGS RG
ALE AIRES Lifecycle Extension UAF-B
ALE Automated Link Establishment JTA 2.0
ALSP Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol JTA 2.0
AM/FM Automated Mapping/Facilities Management HDBK-850
AMHS Automated Message Handling System DISA CFS
AMME Automated Multi-Media Exchange DISA CFS
AMPE Automated Message Processing Exchange DISA CFS
AMS Aeronautical Migration System AMSRD
AMS Asset Management System DISA CFS
AMSD Adjusted Mapping Support Data HDBK-850
AMSDL Acquisition Management Systems and Data Requirements Control List DISA CFS
AMWG Architecture Methodology Working Group DISA CFS
AN Alternating Network DISA CFS
ANG Air National Guard USAF Web Site
ANMS Automated Notice to Mariners System HDBK-850
ANSI American National Standards Institute ANSI Web Site
AO Action Officer DISA CFS
AOC Air Operations Center DCGS HDBK
AOE Aeronautical Obstacle Environment AMSRD
AOI Area of Interest USIS 95
AOR Area of Responsibility JTA 2.0
APG Aim Point Graphic Navy MC&G
API Application Program Interface DISA CFS
APMS Automated Program Management Information System DISA CFS
APP Application Portability Profile (NIST) DISA CFS
APPS Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System HDBK-850
APR Agency Procurement Request DISA CFS
APR Airborne Profile Recorder HDBK-850
APS Afloat Planning System Navy MC&G
APS Asynchronous Protocol Specification DISA CFS
APSE Ada Programming Support Environment TOGAF 3
APTS Acquisition Planning and Tracking System DISA CFS
AR Airborne Reconnaissance JTA 2.0
AR Architecture and Requirements Office (NIMA) UIP-C
ARA Airborne Reconnaissance Architecture UAF-B
ARAPS Area Requirements and Product Status HDBK-850
ARC Equal Arc Second Raster Chart/Map HDBK-850
ARE Enterprise Engineering Division (NIMA) UAF-B
ARG Amphibious Readiness Group IGC FMG
ARIDPCM Adaptive Recursive Interpolated Differential Pulse Code Modulation UTA-A
ARITA Airborne Reconnaissance Information Technical Architecture JTA 2.0
ARL Airborne Reconnaissance Low JTA 2.0
ARMS Automation Resource Management System ITM SP
ARP Address Resolution Protocol JTA 2.0
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency [now DARPA] DISA CFS
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network DISA CFS
ARTAWG Airborne Reconnaissance Technical Architecture Working Group JTA 2.0
ARU USIGS Architecture Division (NIMA) UAF-B
ASAP Architecture Simulation Analysis Platform USIS 95
ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System DCGS HDBK
ASARS-II Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System II JTA 2.0
ASAS All-Source Analysis System JTA 2.0
ASC American Standards Committee DISA CFS
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange HDBK-850
ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense DefenseLINK
ASD(C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence) ASD(C3I) Web Site
ASD(ISP) Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy DefenseLINK
ASDP Abbreviated System Decision Paper DISA CFS
ASE Aeronautical Source Environment AMSRD
ASEMH Army Standards Electronic Mail Host DISA CFS
ASF Allied Strike Force USIS 2-1.1
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers DISA CFS
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation DISA CFS
ASPRS American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ASPRS Web Site
ASRG ARC Standard Raster Graphics DIGEST Web Site
ASRP ARC Standard Raster Product DIGEST Web Site
ASSERT ADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic DISA CFS
ASSIST Automated Special Security Information System Terminal DISA CFS
ASSR Agreed Set of Security Rules DISA CFS
ASW Antisubmarine Warfare HDBK-850
ATA Army Technical Architecture JTA 2.0
ATACS Acquisition Tracking and Control System DISA CFS
ATARS Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System JTA 2.0
ATC Air Target Chart HDBK-850
ATC Automated Target Cueing DCGS HDBK
ATC Automatic Target Classification UTA-A
ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency (NATO) DISA CFS
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration JTA 2.0
ATD Automatic Target Detection UTA-A
ATDS Aircraft Tactical Display System Navy MC&G
ATE Automated Test Equipment JTA 2.0
ATF Amphibious Task Force UAF-B
ATIMS Aircraft Tactical Information Management System Navy MC&G
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions JTA 2.0
ATLAS Abreviated Test Language for All Systems JTA 2.0
ATM Air Target Materials HDBK-850
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode FED STD 1037C
ATMP Air Target Materials Program HDBK-850
ATO Air Tasking Order JPUB 1-02
ATPG Automated Test Program Generator JTA 2.0
ATR Automatic Target Recognition JANE'S
ATRAN Automatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation HDBK-850
ATS Abstract Test Suite ISO/TC 211
ATS Automated Tracking System DISA CFS
ATS Automatic Test Systems JTA 2.0
ATSD Assistant to the Secretary of Defense DoDD 5000.1
ATSR Along-Track Scanning Radiometer ESA Web Site
ATTG Automated Tactical Target Graphic HDBK-850
ATV Advanced Television Systems JTA 2.0
AU Access Unit DISA CFS
AUSLIG Australian Surveying and Land Information Group AUSLIG Web Site
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network [part of DMS] DISA CFS
AUTOSEVOCOM Automated Secure Voice Communications [now SVIP] DISA CFS
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network [now DSN] DISA CFS
AV Air Vehicle JTA 2.0
AV Assault Vertical Navy MC&G
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer HDBK-850
AVI Audio-Video Interleaved JTA 2.0
AVIRIS Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer USIS 95
AWAR Area Weighted Average Resolution HDBK-850
AWE Advanced Warfighting Experiments ITM SP
AWE Avionics/Weapons/Electronics JTA 2.0
AWG Architecture Working Group USAD Vol. 1
AWSDB Advanced Weapons and Systems Data Base HDBK-850
-- B --
Acronym Definition Source
b/s Bits per Second FED STD 1037C
BAA Broad Agency Announcement JANE'S
BAD Bathymetric Archive Data HDBK-850
BADD Battlefield Awareness Data Dissemination DARPA/ISO Web Site
BAS Broad Area Search USIS 2-1.1
BBS Bulletin Board System DISA CFS
BC Bottom Contour Chart HDBK-850
BCC Base Communications-Computer Center DISA CFS
BCD Binary Coded Decimal JTA 2.0
BDA Battle Damage Assessment; Bomb Damage Assessment JPUB 1-02
BDE Brigade UAF-B
BE Basic Encyclopedia USIS 95
BER Basic Encoding Rules DISA CFS
BER Bit Error Rate JTA 2.0
BER Budget Execution Review DISA CFS
BES Budget Execution System DISA CFS
BGN Board on Geographic Names HDBK-850
BGP Border Gateway Protocol JTA 2.0
BGPHES Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System DCGS HDBK
BHR Bureau for Humanitarian Response USAID Web Site
BIH Bureau International de l'Heure (International Time Bureau) JPUB 1-02
BIIF Basic Image Interchange Format UTA-A
BIMA Basic Imagery and Mapping Annotations UTA-A
BIPM Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) BIPM Web Site
B-ISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network DISA CFS
bit Binary Digit FED STD 1037C
BITS Battlefield Information Transmission System DII MP
BLSM Base Level System Modernization DISA CFS
BM Benchmark HDBK-850
BMD Bathymetric Model Data HDBK-850
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization USD A&T Web Site
BMTA Backbone Message Transfer Agent DISA CFS
BN Battalion UAF-B
BNC Bathymetric Navigation Chart HDBK-850
BNF Backus-Naur Form UIP-C
BNPC Bathymetric Navigation Planning Chart HDBK-850
BOCA Business Object Component Architecture UTA-A
BOK Base of Knowledge UTA-A
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol JTA 2.0
BPP Bits Per Pixel USIGS RG
BPR Business Process Reengineering DISA CFS
bps Bits Per Second [use of b/s is preferred] JTA 2.0
BQS Boolean Query Syntax GIASS
BR Build Report UCMP
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure DISA CFS
BRAC Bathymetric Recovery Area Chart HDBK-850
BRI Basic Rate Interface UTA-A
BSA Backbone Service Area DISA CFS
BUFR Binary Universal Format for Representation JTA 2.0
BWC Bandwidth Compression USIS 95
-- C --
Acronym Definition Source
C&CI Communications & Computing Infrastructure ITM SP
C/JTF Combined/Joint Task Force DISA CFS
C/S Commanders-in-Chief (CINCs) / Services DISA CFS
C/S/A CINCs / Services / Agencies DISA CFS
C2 Command and Control DISA CFS
C2CDM Command and Control Core Data Model JTA 2.0
C2I Command, Control, and Intelligence DISA CFS
C2IS Command and Control Information Systems DISA CFS
C2S Command and Control Systems DISA CFS
C3 Command, Control, and Communications DISA CFS
C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence DISA CFS
C3I/IS Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence /Information Systems DISA CFS
C3ISR&SS Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Space Systems ASD(C3I) Web Site
C3S Command, Control and Communications Systems DISA CFS
C4 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers DISA CFS
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence DISA CFS
C4IFTW Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence for the Warrior DISA CFS
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance C4ISR AF
C4SMP Command, Control, Communications, and Computers System Master Plan DISA CFS
CA Directorate of Corporate Affairs (NIMA) UAF-B
CAC Civil Applications Committee IGC FMG
CAC Compressed Aeronautical Chart HDBK-850
CAC Computer Asset Controller JTA 2.0
CAC Computer Assisted Cartography HDBK-850
CACEAS Computer-Assisted Circuit Engineering and Allocating System DISA CFS
CACTIS Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System DISA CFS
CAD Computer Aided Design/ Drafting; Computer Assisted Design/Drafting HDBK-850
CAD Computer-Aided Design and Drafting OpenGIS Guide
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Drafting/Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing HDBK-850
CADRG Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics NIMA LOP
CADRI Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Imagery Navy MC&G
CADRS Concern And Deficiency Reporting System (Joint Staff) DISA CFS
CADS Computer-Assisted Display System DISA CFS
CAE Common Applications Environment TAFIM 3.0
CAF Catalog Access Facility GIASS
CAG COMSAT Augmented GPS Navy MC&G
CAIG Cost Analysis Improvement Group DoDD 5000.1
CALS Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support DISA CFS
CAM Cartographic Automatic Mapping HDBK-850
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing DISA CFS
CAM Computer Aided Mapping; Computer Assisted Mapping HDBK-850
CAMS COMIREX Automated Management System USIGS RG
CAP Communications-Electronics Accommodation Program DISA CFS
CAP Component Approval Process DISA CFS
CARD Cost Analyst Requirements Description DISA CFS
CARDS Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software DISA CFS
CARE Computer Assistance Resource Exchange DISA CFS
CARS Contigency Airborne Reconnaissance System JTA 2.0
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering DISA CFS
CASE Computer Assisted Systems Engineering DISA CFS
CASE Computer Automated Software Engineering JTA 2.0
CASH CIGSS Acquisition Standards Handbook DCGS HDBK
CATIS Computer Aided Tactical Information System UAF-B
CATIS Computer Assisted Tactical Information System DISA CFS
CAV Constant Angular Velocity HDBK-850
CAWS Commercial Analyst Workstation UIP-C
CBC Cipher Block Chaining JTA 2.0
CBD Commerce Business Daily DISA CFS
CBR Constant Bit Rate JTA 2.0
CBS Commission for Basic Systems JTA 2.0
CBT Computer Based Training USIGS FMG
CBT CSP Backside Terminal DISA CFS
CBW Chemical and Biological Weapons JTA 2.0
CBW Chemical/Biological Warfare DCGS HDBK
CC Common Client UIP-C
CC Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation JTA 2.0
CC Technical Assistance Office (NIMA) NIMA Web Site
CCAP Civil Commercial Analysis Project IGC FMG
CCB Change Control Board JTA 2.0
CCB Configuration Control Board DISA CFS
CCBD Configuration Control Board Directives DISA CFS
CCEB Combined Communications-Electronics Board DISA CFS
CCEP Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program DISA CFS
CCF Central Computer Facility DISA CFS
CCIB Command and Control Interoperability Board DISA CFS
CCIB Configuration Control Interoperability Board DISA CFS
CCITT Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) [now ITU-T] ITU Web Site
CCM Cross-Country Movement Map HDBK-850
CCMB Community Configuration Management Board UTA-A
CCN Continental Control Network HDBK-850
CCR Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery DISA CFS
CCRS Canada Centre for Remote Sensing CCRS Web Site
C-CS Communications-Computer Systems DISA CFS
CCT Computer Compatible Tape HDBK-850
CCT Computer Compatible Tape Navy MC&G
CD Counterdrug JPUB 1-02
CDA Central Design Activity DISA CFS
CDA Computer Design Activity DISA CFS
CDB Cartographic Data Base HDBK-850
CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface DISA CFS
CDE Common Desktop Environment JTA 2.0
CDENext Next Version of the Common Desktop Environment JTA 2.0
CD-I Compact Disc-Interactive HDBK-850
CDIN CONUS Defense Integrated Network DISA CFS
CDL Common Data Link JTA 2.0
CDL Constraint Definition Language UTA-A
CDM Conceptual Data Model UAF-B
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access JTA 2.0
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data DCGS HDBK
CDR Critical Design Review HDBK-850
CD-ROM Compact Disc-Read Only Memory HDBK-850
CE Circular Error HDBK-850
CE Command Element JPUB 1-02
C-E Communications-Electronics DISA CFS
CEC Cooperative Engagement Capability DCGS HDBK
CECOM Communications Electronics Command DISA CFS
CEDD Committee on the Exchange of Digital Data HDBK-850
CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardization) CEN Web Site
CEN/TC 287 Comite Europeen de Normalisation Technical Committee 287 (Geographic Information) CEN Web Site
CENTAF United States Air Forces Central Command UOAD
CENTCOM United States Central Command DISA CFS
CEP Circular Error Probable HDBK-850
CERB Corporate Affairs Engineering Review Board UCMP
CERL Construction Engineering Research Laboratory HDBK-850
CES Cost Element Structure DISA CFS
CF Imagery and Geospatial Community Management Office (NIMA) UAF-B
CFA Center for Architecture (JIEO) DISA CFS
CFCSE Center For Computer Systems Engineering JTA 2.0
CFE Center for Engineering (JIEO) DISA CFS
CFIB Corporate Functional Integration Board DISA CFS
CFR Code of Federal Regulations Navy MC&G
CFS Center for Standards (JIEO) DISA CFS
CG City Graphic HDBK-850
CG Commanding General JTA 2.0
CGI Computer Graphics Interface JTA 2.0
CGITC Community Geospatial Information Training Council IGC FMG
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile DISA CFS
CGS Centimeter-Gram-Second HDBK-850
CGS Common Ground Station DCGS HDBK
CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol UTA-A
CHIPS Classified Hydrographic Information Processing System HDBK-850
CHUM Chart Update Manual HDBK-850
CI Configuration Item DISA CFS
CI Counterintelligence JPUB 1-02
CI Critical Interface JTA 2.0
CI&I Compatibility, Integration and Interoperability DoDI 4630.8
CIA Central Intelligence Agency UTA-A
CIA-FE Customer Information Access - Front End USIGS ERS
CIAP Command Intelligence Architecture Program USAD Vol. 1
CIB® Controlled Image Base NIMA LOP
CIDE Communication Information Data Exchange JTA 2.0
CIGSS Common Imagery Ground/Surface System ISMC/GSMC Web Site
CII Compatibility, Integration, and Interoperability USIGS ERS
CIIF Common Imagery Interoperability Facilities UCOS 1.2
CIIP Common Imagery Interoperability Profile UCOS 1.2
CIIWG Common Imagery Interoperability Working Group UCOS 1.2
CIK Cryptographic Ignition Key DISA CFS
CIL Command Information Library UAF-B
CIM Commercial Imagery Management USAD Vol. 1
CIM Corporate Information Management DISA CFS
CIMNET Center for Information Management Network DISA CFS
CIMP Corporate Information Management Plan DISA CFS
CINC Commander in Chief DISA CFS
CINCACOM Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Command DISA CFS
CINCEUR Commander in Chief, United States European Command DISA CFS
CINCNET Commander in Chief's Network DISA CFS
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Command DISA CFS
CINCPACFLT Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet ITM SP
CINCSOC Commander in Chief, United States Special Operations Command DISA CFS
CINCSOUTH Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command DISA CFS
CINCSTRATCOM Commander in Chief, United States Strategic Command ITM SP
CIO Central Imagery Office [now part of NIMA] DISA CFS
CIO Chief Information Officer DISA CFS
CIO Conventional International Origin HDBK-850
CIP Combined Interoperability Program DISA CFS
CIP Common Imagery Processor UIP-C
CIPSO Common Internet Protocol Security Options JTA 2.0
CIS Combat Information System JTA 2.0
CIS Combat Intelligence System (USAF) UAF-B
CIS Command Information System DISA CFS
CISA C4I Integration Support Activity CISA Web Site
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer DISA CFS
CISS Center for Information Systems Security (JIEO) DISA CFS
CITC Community Imagery Training Council IGC FMG
CITO Central Imagery Tasking Office (NIMA/TO) NIMA Web Site
CIWG Communications Interoperability Working Group DISA CFS
CJCS Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff DISA CFS
CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction JTA 2.0
CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum JTA 2.0
CLD Center Line Data HDBK-850
CLI Call Level Interface JTA 2.0
CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol DISA CFS
CM Configuration Management HDBK-850
CMA Collection Management Authority JTA 2.0
CMAS Circular Map Accuracy Standard HDBK-850
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol DISA CFS
CMIS Common Management Information Service DISA CFS
CMM Capability Maturity Model ITM SP
CMMS Conceptual Model of the Mission Space JTA 2.0
CMP Configuration Management Plan USIGS ERS
CMPS Common Mapping Production System IGC FMG
CMS Community Management Staff DII MP
CMSA Cruise Missile Support Activity USIS 95
CMSE Circular Mean Square Error Navy MC&G
CMST Collection Management Support Tools JTA 2.0
CMTC Combat Maneuver Training Center JANE'S
CMWG Configuration Management Working Group DISA CFS
CN Communications Network DISA CFS
CNC Communications Network Control DISA CFS
CNC Crime and Narcotics Center (DCI) AIRTAPS
CNCE Circular Near Certainty Error Navy MC&G
CNES Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales NASDA SE
CNMOC Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Navy MC&G
CNO Chief of Naval Operations Navy MC&G
CNR Combat Net Radio JTA 2.0
CO Coastal Chart HDBK-850
COAS Clinical Observations Access Service UTA-A
COBOL Common Business-Orientated Language DISA CFS
COE Common Operating Environment DISA CFS
COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis DISA CFS
COI Critical Operational Issue DISA CFS
COLISEUM Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers USIGS ERS
COM Common Object Model JTA 2.0
COMINT Communications Intelligence JPUB 1-02
COMIREX Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation HDBK-850
COMPASS Common Operational Modeling, Planning and Simulation Strategy DCGS HDBK
COMSAT Commercial Satellite Navy MC&G
COMSEC Communications Security JPUB 1-02
CONOPS Concept of Operations HDBK-850
CONPLAN Contingency Plan DISA CFS
CONUS Continental United States USIS 95
COOP Contingency Of Operations Plan DISA CFS
COP Common Operating Picture DCGS HDBK
COR Contracting Officer Representative DISA CFS
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture PC Webopaedia
CORE Chief of Receive Element USIS 95
CORL Chief of Receive Location [now CORE] USIS 95
COSE Common Open Software Environment DISA CFS
COTAT Correlation Tracking and Triangulation HDBK-850
COTS Commercial-off-the-Shelf DISA CFS
CP Change Proposal DISA CFS
CP Counterproliferation DTRA Web Site
CPC Cost Per Copy DISA CFS
CPCI Computer Program Configuration Item USIGS ERS
CPE Circular Probable Error (use of CEP is preferred) HDBK-850
CPI Characters per Inch Navy MC&G
CPU Central Processing Unit UTA-A
CRADA Co-operative Research And Development Agreement JANE'S
CRD Capstone Requirement Document DCGS HDBK
CRD Command Requirements Document USAD Vol. 1
CRG City Route Graphic HDBK-850
CRG Compressed Raster Graphics HDBK-850
CRL Certificate Revocation List DISA CFS
CRM Computer Resources Management JTA 2.0
CRMA Collection Requirement Management Application JTA 2.0
CRMS Collection Requirement Management System JTA 2.0
CROFA Consolidated Remote Operating-Facility Airborne DCGS HDBK
CRT Cathode Ray Tube DISA CFS
CRYPTO Cryptographic DISA CFS
CSA Common Support Application UTA-A
CSA Configuration Status Accounting DISA CFS
CSC Customer Supply Center DISA CFS
CSCI Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative DCGS HDBK
CSCW Computer Supported Collaborative Work NIMA Web Site
CSE Client-Server Environment DISA CFS
CSEL Combat Survivor Evader Locator Navy MC&G
CSI Commercial Satellite Interconnectivity DISA CFS
CSII Center for Systems Interoperability and Integration DISA CFS
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection UTA-A
CSOC Consolidated Space Operations Center GPS JPO Web Site
CSP Common Security Protocol JTA 2.0
CSPE Client/Server Processing Environment UAF-B
CSS Central Security Service (NSA) NSA Web Site
CSSCS Combat Service Support Computer / Control System JANE'S
CSSE Combat Services Support Element JPUB 1-02
CSWG CIGSS Standards Working Group ISMC/GSMC Web Site
CT Counterterrorism JPUB 1-02
CT&E Compliance Testing and Evaluation DII MP
CTAPS Contingency TACS Automated Planning System USAF Web Site
CTC Combat Training Center JANE'S
CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria JTA 2.0
CTE Center for Test and Evaluation DISA CFS
CTF Combined Task Force DII MP
CTR Cooperative Threat Reduction DTRA Web Site
CTRS Conventional Terrestrial Reference System CEN/TC 287
CTT Collaborative Tools Testbed NIMA Web Site
CTTF Conditional Tasking Trigger Feedback USIGS ERS
CUT Coordinated Universal Time [use of UTC is preferred] HDBK-850
CVBG Aircraft Carrier Battle Group UAF-B
CVIC Aircraft Carrier Intelligence Center UAF-B
CWG Collaboration Working Group NIMA Web Site
CXE Computer to External Environments Interface JTA 2.0
CY Calendar Year IGC FMG
-- D --
Acronym Definition Source
D/NIMA Director, National Imagery and Mapping Agency IGC FMG
D2C Data Distribution Cassette; Digital Data Cassette USIGS ERS
DAA Designated Approving Authority JTA 2.0
DAAC Distributed Active Archive Center EDC Web Site
DAAFIF Digital/Automated Air Facilities Information File USIGS ERS
DAAS Defense Automatic Addressing System Navy MC&G
DAASC Defense Automatic Addressing System Center Navy MC&G
DAB Defense Acquisition Board DoDD 5000.1
DADT DARO Architecture Development Team DCGS HDBK
DAE Defense Acquisition Executive DoDD 5000.1
DAFIF Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File NIMA LOP
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph GIASS
DAGR Defense Advanced GPS Receiver GPS JPO Web Site
DAGS Data Architecture and Gateway Services UAF-B
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access JTA 2.0
DAMES DAASC Automatic Message Exchange System Navy MC&G
DAP Directory Access Protocol DISA CFS
DAPPS DMA Automated Publication Production System HDBK-850
DARMP Defense Automation Resources Management Program DISA CFS
DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office JTA 2.0
DARP Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program JTA 2.0
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [formerly ARPA] DARPA Web Site
DARSC Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Steering Committee JTA 2.0
DAS Data Administration Program DISA CFS
DAS DISN ATM Service USAD Vol. 1
DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense DISA CFS
DASD Direct Access Storage Device DISA CFS
DASD(C3ISR&SS) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3ISR & Space Systems ASD(C3I) Web Site
DASD(I) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Intelligence ASD(C3I) Web Site
DASD(IM) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management DISA CFS
DASD(S&IO) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Security & Information Operations ASD(C3I) Web Site
DASP DOD Data Administration Strategic Plan DISA CFS
DAT Digital Audio Tape JTA 2.0
DAWN Defense Attaché Worldwide Network DISA CFS
DBA Database Administration DISA CFS
DBA Database Administrator DII COE IRTS
DBD DISA Budget Decision DISA CFS
DBDB Digital Bathymetric Data Base HDBK-850
DBMS Database Management System DISA CFS
DBOF Defense Business Operating Fund DISA CFS
DC/S Digital Comparator Segment HDBK-850
DCA Defense Communications Agency [now DISA] JTA 2.0
DCAC Defense Communications Agency [now DISA] Circular JTA 2.0
DCAC Digital Concepts Analysis Center HDBK-850
DCAFE Data Capture and Finishing Environment AMSRD
DCC Digital Combat Chart USIGS ERS
DCDB Digital Cities Data Base HDBK-850
DCE Distributed Computing Environment DISA CFS
DCGS Distributed Common Ground System DCGS HDBK
DCHUM Digital Chart Updating Manual JMTK SRS
DCI Director, Central Intelligence UOAD
DCID Director, Central Intelligence Directive USIGS ERS
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model JTA 2.0
DCPS Data Communications Protocol Standards DISA CFS
DCR Design Concept Review HDBK-850
DCRSi Digital Cassette Recording System - Improved JTA 2.0
DCS Defense Communications System DISA CFS
DCS Defense Courier Service USIGS ERS
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform USIGS ERS
DCTN Defense Commercial Telephone Network DISA CFS
DCW Digital Chart of the World HDBK-850
DD/DS Data Dictionary/Directory System DISA CFS
DDA Domain Defined Attribute DISA CFS
DDBMS Distributed Database Management System DISA CFS
DDDS Defense Data Dictionary System ITM SP
DDL Data Definition Language TOGAF 3
DDM Distributed Data Management HDBK-850
DDM DoD Data Model JTA 2.0
DDNS Dynamic Domain Name System JTA 2.0
DDPO Defense Dissemination Program Office DCGS HDBK
DDR&E Director of Defense Research and Engineering DoDD 5000.1
DDRS Defense Data Repository System DISA CFS
DDS Defense Dissemination System USIGS ERS
DE Dissemination Element UIP-C
DE/S Data Extraction Segment HDBK-850
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration DEA Web Site
DEF Data Exchange Format JTA 2.0
DEFCON Defense Readiness Condition USIS 95
DEIS Defense Enterprise Integration Services DISA CFS
DEM Digital Elevation Matrix; Digital Elevation Model HDBK-850
DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense DISA CFS
DepSO Department Standardization Officer Navy MC&G
DES Data Encryption Standard DISA CFS
DESP Data Element Standardization Program DISA CFS
DEW_Drop DPPDB Exploitation Workstation Drop Software NIMA Web Site
DexA DoDIIS Executive Agent USIGS ERS
DFAD Digital Feature Analysis Data HDBK-850
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Navy MC&G
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service Navy MC&G
DFC Diagnostic Flow Chart JTA 2.0
DFLIP Digital Flight Information Publication Navy MC&G
DG Digital Gazetteer Navy MC&G
DGCC Defense Information Systems Agency Global Control Center DISA CFS
DGI Digital Geographic Information DIGEST Web Site
DGIWG Digital Geographic Information Working Group DIGEST Web Site
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System USIS 95
DGS Deployable Ground System DCGS HDBK
DGSA DoD Goal Security Architecture JTA 2.0
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol JTA 2.0
DHHS United States Department of Health and Human Services DHHS Web Site
DHI Defense Hydrographic Initiative HDBK-850
DHIS Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems DISA CFS
DHQ Mean Diurnal High Water Inequality HDBK-850
DI/S Data Integration Segment HDBK-850
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DIA Web Site
DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center USIS 95
DIB Defense Information Base DISA CFS
DIB Directory Information Base DISA CFS
DICOM Digital Imagery and Communications in Medicine UAF-B
DIDHS Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System USIS 95
DIDOP Digital Image Data Output Product USIS 95
DIEPS Digital Imagery Exploitation and Production System USIS 95
DIGEST Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard DIGEST Web Site
DII Defense Information Infrastructure DISA CFS
DII Dynamic Invocation Interface UTA-A
DII COE Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment DII MP
DIICC Defense Information Infrastructure Control Concept DISA CFS
DIISP Defense Intelligence Information Support Program MCIA Web Site
DIMAP Defense Imagery and Mapping Program IGC FMG
DIMSS DSN Integrated Management Support System DISA CFS
DIN Deutsche Industrie-Norm (German Industrial Standard) HDBK-850
DINAH Desktop Interface to AUTODIN Host DISA CFS
DIPS Digital Imagery Processing System USIS 95
DIS Defense Information System DISA CFS
DIS Defense Investigative Service [now DSS] DSS Web Site
DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation JTA 2.0
DIS DPS Interface Server USIGS ERS
DIS Draft International Standard JTA 2.0
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency DISA Web Site
DISAC Defense Information Systems Agency Circular UTA-A
DISC Defense Information System Council DISA CFS
DISN Defense Information System Network DISA Web Site
DISN-LES Defense Information System Network Leading Edge Services DISA Web Site
DISN-NT Defense Information System Network - Near Term DISA Web Site
DISP Directory Information Shadowing Protocol DISA CFS
DISSP Defense Information System Security Program DISA CFS
DIST Defense Integration Support Tool ITM SP
DIT Directory Information Tree DISA CFS
DITCO Defense Information Technology Contracting Office (DISA) DISA CFS
DITS Digital Information Transfer System JANE'S
DIV Division UAF-B
DIWS Digital Imagery Workstation USIS 95
DIWS-A Digital Imagery Workstation - Afloat Navy MC&G
DL Distribution List DISA CFS
DLA Defense Logistics Agency DLA Web Site
DLA-DDRV Defense Logistics Agency Defense Depot, Richmond, VA USAD Vol. 1
DLA-DLIS Defense Logistics Agency Defense Logistics Information Service USAD Vol. 1
DLA-DSCR Defense Logistics Agency Defense Supply Center, Richmond, VA USAD Vol. 1
DLG Digital Line Graph HDBK-850
DLG-E Digital Line Graph-Enhanced HDBK-850
DLMB Digital Landmass Blanking System HDBK-850
DLMS Digital Landmass System HDBK-850
DLQ Mean Diurnal Low Water Inequality HDBK-850
DLWG Data Link Working Group JTA 2.0
DMA Defense Mapping Agency [now part of NIMA] HDBK-850
DMB DoDIIS Management Board UAF-B
DMB DoDIIS Management Board DII MP
DMC Defense Megacenter DISA CFS
DME Distance Measuring Equipment HDBK-850
DME Distributed Management Environment DISA CFS
DMRD Defense Management Report Decision DISA CFS
DMS Defense Mapping School HDBK-850
DMS Defense Message System DISA Web Site
DMSIG Defense Message System Implementation Group DISA CFS
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office DMSO Web Site
DMSP Defence Meteorological Satellite Program JANE'S
DMSTWG Defense Message System Transition Working Group DISA CFS
DMTD Digital Message Transfer Device JTA 2.0
DN Distinguished Name DISA CFS
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency DISA CFS
DNC Digital Nautical Chart HDBK-850
DNS Domain Name Service UTA-A
DNS Domain Name System JTA 2.0
DNSO Defense Network Systems Organization DISA CFS
DO Operations Directorate (NIMA) NIMA Web Site
DOC Distributed Object Computing UTA-A
DoC United States Department of Commerce DoC Web Site
DOCC DISA Operations Control Complex DISA CFS
DoD United States Department of Defense DefenseLINK
DoD JTA Department of Defense Joint Technical Architecture JTA 2.0
DoD MC&G Department of Defense Mapping, Charting, & Geodesy Requirements and Programs HDBK-850
DoD WGS Department of Defense World Geodetic System HDBK-850
DoDAAC Department of Defense Activity Address Code Navy MC&G
DODD Department of Defense Directive DISA CFS
DODI Department of Defense Instruction DISA CFS
DoDIIS Department Of Defense Intelligence Information System JTA 2.0
DODISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards DISA CFS
DoDJP Department of Defense Joint Publication UAF-B
DODM Department of Defense Manual DISA CFS
DoDSSP Department of Defense Single Stock Point JTA 2.0
DoE United States Department of Energy DoE Web Site
DOI Domain Of Interpretation JTA 2.0
DoI United States Department of the Interior DoI Web Site
DoJ United States Department of Justice DoJ Web Site
DoL United States Department of Labor DoL Web Site
DOORS Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System QSS Web Site
DOP Dilution of Precision Navy MC&G
DOP Directory Operational Binding Management Protocol DISA CFS
DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle USGS Web Site
DOS Disk Operating System HDBK-850
DoT United States Department of Transportation DoT Web Site
DOT&E Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DoD) DoDD 5000.1
DP Data Systems Interoperabilty Panel DISA CFS
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation UTA-A
DPDW Digital Products Data Warehouse UIP-C
DPG Defense Planning Guidance JPUB 1-02
DPG Director's Planning Guidance DISA CFS
DPI Data Processing Installation DISA CFS
DPI Dots per Inch Navy MC&G
DPO Directed Planning Option USIS 2-1.1
DPPDB Digital Point Positioning Data Base NIMA LOP
DPS Digital Production System UAF-B
DR Discrepancy Report UCMP
DRB Defense Resources Board DoDD 5000.1
DRG Digital Raster Graphic USGS Web Site
DRI Defense Reform Initiative DefenseLINK
DRI Distributed Reconnaissance Infrastructure DCGS HDBK
DRLMS Digital Radar Landmass Simulator HDBK-850
DRSN Defense Red Switch Network DISA CFS
DRV Instrument Driver Application Programming Interface JTA 2.0
DS/S Data Services Segment HDBK-850
DSA Directed Search Area USIS 2-1.1
DSA Directory System Agent DISA CFS
DSB Defense Science Board DefenseLINK
DSC Defense Decision Support Center ITM SP
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System DISA CFS
DSE Designated System Environment USIGS ERS
DSI Defense Simulation Internet DISA CFS
DSIC Defense Standards Improvement Council JTA 2.0
DSMAC Digital Scene Matching and Correlation Navy MC&G
DSMMAH DMA Software Measurements and Metric Analysis Handbook USIGS ERS
DSN Defense Switched Network DISA CFS
DSNET Defense Secure Network DCGS HDBK
DSOM Distributed System Object Model UTA-A
DSP Defense Standardization Program DISA CFS
DSP Directory System Protocol DISA CFS
DSP DOD Standardized Profile DISA CFS
DSP Domain Specific Part DISA CFS
DSRS Defense Software Repository System DISA CFS
DSS Defense Security Service [formerly DIS] DSS Web Site
DSS Defense Switched Services DISA CFS
DSS Deployable SIGINT System DCGS HDBK
DSS Digital Signature Standard DISA CFS
DSS1 Digital Subscriber Signaling System No 1 JTA 2.0
DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System DISA CFS
DSSP Defense Standardization and Specification Program DoD TRM
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum JTA 2.0
DSS-W Defense Supply Services - Washington DISA CFS
DSWA Defense Special Weapons Agency DSWA Web Site
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation DoD TRM
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation DCGS HDBK
DTAD Digital Terrain Analysis Data HDBK-850
DTC Data Transfer Cartridge HDBK-850
DTD Document Type Definition HDBK-850
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data HDBK-850
DTES DCGS Test and Evaluation Strategy DCGS HDBK
DTF Digital Test Data Format JTA 2.0
DTG Date Time Group USIS 95
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center DTIC Web Site
DTM Digital Terrain Model; Digital Terrain Matrix; Data Transfer Modules HDBK-850
DTMP DCPS Technical Management Panel DISA CFS
DTOP Digital Topographic Data JTA 2.0
DTOP-MEDS Digital Topographic Data - Mission Essential Data Set NIMA Web Site
DTP Digital to Plate USIGS ERS
DTP Distributed Transaction Processing DISA CFS
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency OSIA Web Site
DTS Deployable Transit-Cased System DCGS HDBK
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration DTSA Web Site
DTSR Digital Temporary Storage Recorder JTA 2.0
DTSS Digitized Terrain Support System JANE'S
DUA Directory User Agent DISA CFS
DUSD Deputy Undersecretary of Defense ITM SP
DUSD(L) Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Logistics) DISA CFS
DVI Digital Video Interactive JTA 2.0
DVOF Digital Vertical Obstruction File NIMA LOP
-- E --
Acronym Definition Source
E/O Electro-optical JTA 2.0
E3 End-To-End Encryption DISA CFS
E-4B National Airborne Operations Center STRATCOM Web Site
EA Economic Analysis DISA CFS
EA Executive Agent DISA CFS
EAC Echelon Above Corps UTA-A
EAO Executive Agent Office JTA 2.0
EARS Exploitation and Reporting Structure USIS 2-1.1
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code DISA CFS
EBU European Broadcasting Union EBU Web Site
EC Electronic Commerce DISA CFS
EC/EDI Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange DISA CFS
ECAT Exploitation Center Analysis Tool USIS 95
ECC Error Control Coding DCGS HDBK
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System HDBK-850
ECHUM Electronic Chart Update Manual HDBK-850
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association DISA CFS
ECP Engineering Change Proposal UCMP
ED United States Department of Education ED Web Site
EDC EROS Data Center EDC Web Site
EDI Electronic Data Interchange DISA CFS
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, and Transportation DISA CFS
EDME Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment HDBK-850
EEI Essential Elements of Information USIGS ERS
EEI External Environment Interface DISA CFS
EELV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle GPS JPO Web Site
EFCS Electronic Filmless Camera System UAF-B
EFL Effective Focal Length HDBK-850
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter HDBK-850
EGM Earth Gravity Model Navy MC&G
EGP External Gateway Protocol OSI Dictionary
EGR Embedded GPS Receiver Navy MC&G
EHF Extremely High Frequency ; Extra High Frequencey JTA 2.0
EI Enterprise Integration DISA CFS
EIA Electronics Industries Association JTA 2.0
EICMC Enterprise Integration Corporate Management Council DISA CFS
EIRS External Interface Requirements Specification USIGS ERS
EIS Enhanced Imagery System IGC FMG
EIS Executive Information System DISA CFS
EIT Encoded Information Type DISA CFS
EITI Exploitation Initiative Tools Insertion IGC FMG
EKMS Electronic Key Management System DISA CFS
ELINT Electronic Intelligence JPUB 1-02
ELT Electronic Light Table USIGS FMG
EM Electro-Magnetic DCGS HDBK
EMA Electronic Messaging Association DISA CFS
E-MAIL Electronic Mail DISA CFS
EMD Electronic Map Data; Electronic Map Display HDBK-850
ENC Electronic Navigation Chart USIGS ERS
EO Electro-Optical UTA-A
EO Executive Order USIGS ERS
EOC Emergency Operation Center JANE'S
EOD Erasable Optical Disc HDBK-850
EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System NASA Web Site
EOSDIS IV&V Earth Observing System Data and Information System Independent Verification and Validation NASA Web Site
EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPA Web Site
EPD Equal Probability of Detection UTA-A
EPDS Enhanced Processing and Dissemination System DCGS HDBK
EPHOS European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems DISA CFS
EPI Electronic Position Indicator HDBK-850
EPIP Evolutionary Phase Implementation Plan UAF-B
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System JANE'S
EPS Encapsulated PostScript UAF-B
EPS Enhanced Processing Segment UIP-C
EPS Enhanced Production System UAF-B
EPSF Encapsulated PostScript File UAF-B
EPSI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange UAF-B
ER Exploitation Requirement USIGS ERS
ERB Engineering Review Board DISA CFS
ERB Engineering Review Board DII MP
ERDB Emerging Requirements Data Base DCGS HDBK
ERM Exploitation Requirements Management USIGS ERS
EROS Earth Resources Observation Systems EDC Web Site
ERS Enterprise Requirements Specification USIGS ERS
ERS ESA Remote Sensing Satellite ESA Web Site
ES End System DISA CFS
ES Exploitation Systems Office (NIMA) NIMA Web Site
ES Extension Segment UTA-A
ESA European Space Agency ESA Web Site
ESC Electronic Systems Command (USAF) JANE'S
ESD Exploitation Support Data UIP-C
ESD Exploitation Support Data USIGS ERS
ESDI European Security and Defence Identity NATO Web Site
ESG Exploitation Steering Group IGC FMG
ESIC Earth Science Information Center USGS Web Site
ESNA Electrical Survey Net HDBK-850
ESOC European Space Operations Centre ESA Web Site
ESP Encapsulated Security Payload JTA 2.0
ESRIN European Space Research Institute ESA Web Site
ESS Exploitation Support System UAF-B
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre ESA Web Site
ETB End Transmission Blank DISA CFS
ETL Engineer Topographic Laboratories [now USATEC] USATEC Web Site
ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator (USA) JTA 2.0
ETS Executable Test Suite ISO/TC 211
ETS Exploitation Technology Symposium IGC FMG
ETUT Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal USIS 95
ETX End Transmission Text DISA CFS
EUCOM United States European Command DISA CFS
EW Electronic Warfare JPUB 1-02
EWG EIS Working Group IGC FMG
EXCIMS Executive Council on Modeling & Simulation DMSO Web Site
EXCITE Exploitation with Collaborative Interoperable Technology NIMA Web Site
ExPReS Exploitation Process Reengineering Study USIS 95
-- F --
Acronym Definition Source
F3 Form, Fit, and Function JTA 2.0
FAA Federal Aviation Administration DISA CFS
FAC Feature Attribute Code HDBK-850
FACC Feature and Attribute Coding Catalog DIGEST Web Site
FACS Feature/Attribute Coding Standard HDBK-850
FADT Feature Analysis Data Table HDBK-850
FAF Fast Access Format HDBK-850
FAPM Functional Activity Program Manager DISA CFS
FAQ Frequently Asked Question JTA 2.0
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation ITM SP
FAS Feature Analysis Services OpenGIS Topic 12
FAS Functional Area Sponsor DISA CFS
FAST Forward Area Support Terminal (formerly Forward Area SID and TRAP) USIS 95
FAT Factory Acceptance Test HDBK-850
FCAPS Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security Management Areas DISA CFS
FCPE FLIP Chart Production Environment AMSRD
FDAd Functional Data Administrator DISA CFS
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface DISA CFS
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access JTA 2.0
FDT Formal Description Technique DISA CFS
FE/S Feature Extraction Segment HDBK-850
FEA Functional Economic Analysis DISA CFS
FED-STD Federal Telecommunications Standard DISA CFS
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency UTA-A
FFD Foundation Feature Data USIGS ERS
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee FGDC Web Site
FGS Feature Generalization Services OpenGIS Topic 12
FIA Future Imagery Architecture UAF-B
FICCDC Federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on Digital Cartography HDBK-850
FID Feature Identification Data HDBK-850
FIIU Fleet Imagery Interpretation Unit (USMC) UAF-B
FIP Federal Information Processing DISA CFS
FIP Filmwriter Interface Processor USIGS ERS
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard DISA CFS
FIPS PUB Federal Information Processing Standards Publication HDBK-850
FIRMR Federal Information Resources Management Regulations DISA CFS
FIRP Federal Internet Requirements Panel DISA CFS
FISINT Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence JPUB 1-02
FITS Flexible Image Transport System UAF-B
FLAG Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe DCGS HDBK
FLIP Flight Information Publication AMSRD
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared USIS 95
FLIS Federal Logistics Information System UAF-B
FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops USIS 95
FMF Fleet Marine Force JPUB 1-02
FMG Functional Manager's Guidance IGC FMG
FMO Financial Management Officer JPUB 1-02
FMS Foreign Military Sales JPUB 1-02
FOC Full Operational Capability DISA CFS
FODB FIREFINDER Operational Data Base HDBK-850
FOIA Freedom of Information Act NIMA Web Site
FOM Federation Object Model JTA 2.0
FORMETS NATO Message Text Formatting System DISA CFS
FORTRAN Formula Translator DISA CFS
FOT&E Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation DISA CFS
FOTARS Follow-On Tactical Air Reconnaissance System USIS 95
FOV Field of View JPUB 1-02
FPA Focal Plane Array DCGS HDBK
FPE Front-end Processing Environment UTA-A
FPI Functional Process Improvement DISA CFS
FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System JTA 2.0
FPU Film Production Unit IGC FMG
FRD Functional Requirements Document USIGS ERS
FRM Functional Reference Model DCGS HDBK
FRM Functional Requirements Model JTA 2.0
FSC Federal Supply Category DISA CFS
FSG Federal Supply Group DISA CFS
FTAM File Transfer, Access, and Management TOGAF 3
FTIR Fourier Transform Infrared DCGS HDBK
FTP File Transfer Protocol DISA CFS
FTR Federal Telecommunications Recommendation JTA 2.0
FTS-2000 Federal Telecommunications Services - 2000 DISA CFS
FTSC Federal Telecommunications Standards Committee DISA CFS
FY Fiscal Year DoDD 5000.1
FYCP Future Years Corporate Plan DISA CFS
FYDP Future Years Defense Program UAF-B

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