470th MI Brigade
Distinctive Unit Insignia
On Dec. 5, 1969, this distinctive insignia was authorized for the then 470th MI Group by the Institute of Heraldry, U. S. Army. It was to be worn as prescribed in AR 670-5.

     The distinctive unit insignia is a silver color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches in height overall, consisting of an erect silver key, double warded in base, the bow of seven radiating rays and surmounting overall a blue torch with a red flame. Encircling the device in base, with the ends terminating at the opposite lower corners of the flame, is a blue scroll bearing the inscription, "Truth Security Loyalty," in silver letters.

     Oriental blue and silver are the colors used for military intelligence. The key, a symbol used for authority, secrecy and wardenship, refers to the basic mission of the organization. The double wards allude to two aspects of "intelligence" and "counter intelligence" and the seven rays of the bow to the "revealing light" and to the symbolic reference of the numeral seven to intelligence, security and wisdom. The torch represents guidance and with the flame to an ever active state. The color blue is used for truth and the red for zeal and valor.

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