Technology Navigator...

An information sharing service
leveraging internet technology

By Edward F. Dandar

     The Technology Navigator (TN) evolved from a 1996 intelligence community study which recommended establishing a technology information brokering function to focus on key technology matters. The TN responds to another key study recommendation calling for improved information sharing and reuse across national security community organizations. The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is sponsoring the TN effort as an information sharing service using the Internet and the government’s intranets. This new service is focused on information and measurements and signatures technologies. The Navigator will be hosted on a DTIC Internet server and mirrored on the government intranets. The TN is an Internet-based collaborative tool built in "partnership" with industry, academia and other government agencies. It will enable government technologists, project and resource managers to better address technology issues.
     The TN provides a marketing opportunity for industry and academia to advertise latest technology wares and project to a broad national security community audience. The core of the TN is a searchable/browsable database of products and related information. It is organized by technology interest areas with links to people and organizations. A bulletin board service allows technologists, project managers and resource managers to exchange information on problem areas, possible solutions and upcoming technology related events or activities.
     The TN’s extensive framework facilitates information sharing and provides a forum in which to determine the "who, what, when, where, and how" for these technology domains and their related activities spanning government, industry, and academia. The TN will link users to technology-related studies, assessments and pilot projects, as well as to industry, academia and other government web pages which provide additional information on products or research status. This new service will initially focus on information technology and measurements and signatures technology. Detailed descriptions of those listed technology areas can be viewed at our Web sites as a common point of departure. The TN’s alpha version can be viewed on the Internet at The beta version capability will be available in early June at http://www. The TN was developed with support from a government contractor.
     A Technology Navigator data submission form is available via the DTIC Internet access point. An identical submission form will be available to government users on their intranets. Interested contributors can obtain further proprietary research submission guidance at: http:// The DTIC plays a vital role in the collection and dissemination of Independent Research and Development information for the government. It provides this information to DTIC registered DOD and other U.S. government scientists, engineers and analysts.

Sample Information Technology Topics include:
lAutomated Warning, Anomaly Detection and Discovery Tools
lCollaborative Analysis Tools and Groupware
lData Analysis, Visualization, and Fusion Tools
lData Warehousing, Storage, Retrieval and Dissemination
lGeographic Information Systems and Displays
l Human Computer Interface for Information Systems
Information Management and Decision Support
Information Processing and Transformation
lModeling and Simulation for Intelligence Analysis
lMulti-lingual Information Technologies and Translation Support
lMultimedia Authoring, Production, and Distribution
lMultimedia Storage, Retrieval, and Analysis
lMulti-search, Data Mining and Retrieval from Heterogeneous Sources
lObject-Oriented Data Bases and Data Base Development
lSecurity, Auditing, Records and Copyright Management

Sample Measurements and Signatures Technology Topics include:
lAdvanced Radio Frequency Sensors
lBiological Materials Sensors
lChemical Materials Sensors
lNon-Imaging Infrared Sensors
lNuclear Materials Sensors
lRemote Spectral Sensors
lUnattended Sensors


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   Last Updated: May 29, 1997