Calender of MI Events

January 1997
March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month
Autism Awareness Month

1 New Year’s Day (221st Year of American Independence) (Federal Holiday)
1 INSCOM organized, 1977 (20th Anniversary)
3 U.S. forces cornered Noriega and forced him to surrender (1990)
16 Operation DESERT STORM, the air campaign of the Gulf War, launched (1991)
20 Birth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Federal Holiday)
29 Battle of Khafji produced captured Iraqi equipment for exploitation including the T-55 tanks with add-on armor (1991)
31 U.S. Army Intelligence school established in Okinawa to train allied intelligence officer personnel (1958)

February 1997
American History Month
Black History Month

1 National Freedom Day
2 Groundhog Day
7 1st Lt. George K. Sisler posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He was the first member of the MI Branch to receive the honor. (1967)
15 "Remember the Maine" Day. American battleship Maine was blown up while anchored in Havana harbor, losing 260 crew members (1898)
17 President’s Day (Federal Holiday)
24 Operation DESERT SABER (ground campaign) began, 1991
28 Cease fire called in Gulf War, 1991

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