School Kids Talk
with Commander

By the INSCOMPublic Affairs Office

    Kindergartners and first graders at Markham Elementary School showed their "open door" policy to the INSCOMcommander in December. Brig. Gen. John D. Thomas Jr. visited with members of Margarette Peterson’s kindergarten class and Karen Conner’s first grade class.

    According to Jackye Toth, school counselor at the Fairfax County School, the kids gravitated toward the general, who selected a book to read to the students. "Tops and Bottoms" is a book about teamwork in planting and harvesting a vegetable garden. The story of the industrious rabbit and the lazy bear is a new version of the "Little Red Hen" book, according to Toth. The general enjoyed the visit and the conversations with the youngsters. He was later seen browsing the school library, no doubt searching for a book to read on his next visit.

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   Last Updated: April 30, 1997