CSM Notes

Retaining the Best!

By Command Sgt. Maj. Sterling T. McCormick

    For fiscal year 1996, the Army attained its retention goals in all categories. It was the result of leader involvement, especially with the mid-term mission.

    Attaining retention goals in fiscal year 1997 is also a challenge. As a result of the Army’s reshaping, there is a large population of soldiers who will complete their enlisted terms of service this year. In order to meet this challenge, it will take vigorous command involvement at all levels, including the senior NCO Corps.

     Commanders and career counselors work together to ensure continued success in keeping quality soldiers. Their total involvement is essential to strengthen reenlistment programs at all levels. Historically, when commanders work in harmony with their career counselor, they create an environment more conducive to reenlistment.

     One tool commanders can use in retaining quality soldiers is the Commander’s Override Program. This allows commanders to go off line to request assignments and training not offered to soldiers on their reenlistment work sheets.

     Career counselors must continue to emphasize those factors which generally cause soldiers to stay Army, such as raises in base pay and allowances, a sound retirement program, education benefits, racial and gender equality and an overall good quality of life.

     For more information on retaining good soldiers, contact your unit career counselor or Sgt. Maj. George Sluzenski at DSN 656-6734/5353.

     For soldiers choosing to stay Army, there are some changes in promotions. Effective October 1, 1996, no recomputations are authorized for sergeant and staff sergeant promotions. The only procedures allowed for adding or subtracting points are reevaluations or promotion point adjustments.

     The effective date of promotion will be the date entered into the EDAS System and not the date PSB/MPC received it.

     Effective on the same date, the number of promotion points needed to complete a reevaluation dropped from 25 to 20 points. Soldiers with more than 781 points may add less than 20 points if approved by the PSB/MPC chief. PSB/MPC chiefs will approve it if the soldier has increased a current score by at least one-third of the remaining point total needed to achieve 800 points.

     Information taken from article titled, "Meeting FY96 Retention Goals,"by Sgt. Maj. G. Webb and a message dated Oct. 18, 1996, subject: New Promotion Changes.

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   Last Updated: April 24, 1997