Commander's Corner

INSCOM Making Strides

    The command’s OPTEMPO remains high and I want to thank all of our soldiers, civilians and contractors around the world for many terrific accomplishments. In this issue, I want to mention two of the them: the development of the Land Information Warfare Activity and its work on information operations and our command-wide support of operations in Bosnia. I also want to pass along a few of my thoughts on an important issue in the Army today — sexual harassment.

    INSCOM’s Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) is expanding its operational support to the Army. Now in its second year, the LIWA is providing three information operations teams in Bosnia -Herzegovina (supporting both the U.S. Army Europe and NATO). It is providing information operations exercise planning and targeting support to exercises such as Ulchi Focus Lens, Blue Flag, Battlefield Command Training Program and Prairie Warrior. The LIWAalso supports a number of research and development efforts to improve the Army’s ability to prosecute military operations in the information age. The LIWA, under tasking of the DA deputy chief of staff for operations, is significantly engaged in Force XXI/Joint Venture (Task Force XXI and Division XXI) providing command and control protect and electronic characterization of the brigade task force.

    Within the LIWA, the link to information operations data is the Army Rapid Reprogramming Analysis Team -Threat Analysis element at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. This organization is responsible for supporting Army aviation with proper threat emitter data for onboard target sensing systems in a rapidly changing environment.

    Lastly, the LIWA activated the Army Computer Emergency Responded Team Coordination Center to respond to and correct unauthorized intrusions into Army Automated Information Systems. This emerging organization is fully engaged in protecting the Army’s computer networks world wide. With its growing responsibilities and capabilities, the LIWA will become a major subordinate command of INSCOM later this spring.

    The flexibility and focus of our units supporting the Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Sarajevo are simply outstanding. In addition to the efforts of the LIWA, the 66th MI Group has pulled together a great INSCOM team which has deployed to the National Intelligence Center in Sarajevo and is providing the lion’s share of intelligence to the Stabilization Force. We have deployed force protection teams to support the Russian, Turkish and Nordic-Polish Brigades.

    The 513th MI Brigade has tailored a support package which is keeping the Allied Military Intelligence Battalion maintained and ready. We also have redirected many technical support systems from around the world — often on short notice — to improve the flexibility and focus of intelligence support to the allied effort. We’ve drawn on hundreds of reservists who have aggressively mobilized and filled in where needed. Sanctuary operations in Germany are making our MI doctrine come alive and the integration of national and tactical intelligence a reality.

    All of these efforts and others have served to make intelligence support to Bosnia a seamless architecture from the national level to the commanders in the field. I applaud everyone involved in this effort which now includes nine INSCOM organizations. You’re doing outstanding work and making a real difference.

    Finally, I would like to add a few comments on the prevention of sexual harassment in INSCOM and the Army. Each member of the INSCOM family — male, female, active, reserve, or civilian — is a highly valued and vital part of our team. Every one of our team members world wide has a right to an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Operations, such as the ones I described above, cannot succeed if we have not developed a professional atmosphere of success. When one of us suffers from abuse, the rest of our team suffers. We will not tolerate any harassment and must report any incidents. Let’s work together to build an atmosphere of respect and success.

    Brig. Gen. John D. Thomas Jr.
    Commander, INSCOM

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   Last Updated: April 24, 1997