INSCOM Soldiers,
Civilians and Family Members

      The traditional holidays we celebrate accentuate the changing seasons as we turn from our external responsibilities and focus our thoughts towards family and friends. For many of us, these joyous days of togetherness and family celebration are muted by the absence of a spouse, parent, sibling or child; an absence caused by deployment to a foreign land or an assignment across the country.

      This is a central feature of military life—duty first. When the nation calls, our soldiers and civilians respond. The peace we enjoy today is a direct result of the superb men and women who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way for love of family and country.

      On any given day, about 40,000 soldiers are deployed to as many as 75 countries, symbolizing the resolve of the United States to foster peace and liberty throughout the world. INSCOM soldiers and civilians are right there with them, shivering in the cold of Bosnia or Korea, or sweltering in the Mid-East heat. Our families deserve great credit, for even though apart from us, they remain our reason for being. While we sacrifice by being away, our families sacrifice as well, trying to cope with every day activities without a valuable loved one to share the load.

      For those who will spend the holidays with family, treasure those moments of togetherness and the peace which comes from sharing special times as a family. For those who are away from home this holiday season, celebrate and share the time with a friend, and experience the holiday customs of the country in which you are living.

      Our INSCOM family is spread around the world; we play the important role of providing information superiority for today’s Army.

      INSCOM soldiers have deployed in support of ongoing contingency operations in such locations as Haiti, Macedonia and Bosnia. So, during this holiday season, reflect on our good fortune and remember those who are deployed in your thoughts and prayers. Maybe someday in the future, we all will be able to put down our weapons for the last time and come together as one global family.

      My family and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season. May the coming months be personally satisfying and professionally rewarding.

      Brig. Gen. John D. Thomas Jr.

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   Last Updated: January 23, 1997