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UAV Annual Report FY 1996

Table of Contents

Director's Letter
The UAV Migration Process
Congressional Actions
Expanding Roles for UAVs
UAVs Over Bosnia
Continuing Support for Joint- and Combined-Force Contingencies
UAVs Over Bosnia (Cont'd)
UAV Program Overview
UAV Management
A Family of Complementary UAV Systems to Meet the Needs of Warfighers at All Echelons
Pioneer UAV Program
Hunter UAV Program
Outrider TUAV Program
Support for Joint Force Tactical Operations
Predator (MAE UAV) Program
Providing Multi-Role Support to All Operational Echelons
Global Hawk (CONV HAE UAV) Program
Deep-Look Wide-Area Reconnaissance for Commanders
DarkStar (LO HAE UAV) Program
Deep-Look Reconnaissance of Highly Defended Areas
Ground Station Programs
The TCS Will Assure Interoperability
Ground Stations Programs Cont'd
C4I and Airspace Interfaces
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTDS)
Global Hawk
UAV Demonstrations
Assuring a Developer-Warfighter Partnership
UAV Roles in the Objective Architecture
Technologies and Applications
Payload and Modication Programs
Issues and Challenges
Plans and Projections
Director's Forecast


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