DARO Products

Predator System Familiarization Guide

December 1996


List of Figures


1. System Overview

a. Command Relationships
b. Technical Characteristics
c. Performance Characteristics
d. Flight Safety Considerations

2. Mission Characteristics

a. Search and Surveillance
b. Targeting, Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) and Reconnaissance
c. Other Missions
d. Employment Considerations

3. Tasking

a. Tasking Considerations
b. Prioritization of Tasking
c. Tasking Process
d. Target Lists and Target Decks
e. Airspace Coordination
f. Air Vehicle Vulnerability
g. Lost Link Procedures

4. Summary

a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Funded P3I
d. Future Imagery Improvements

Annex A: List of Applicable Documents

Annex B: Acronym List