Warfighters Guide to Intelligence Communications Architectures

by Chief Warrant Officer Two Alfred Smith

The Warfighters Guide to Intelligence Communications Architectures (1996) satisfied one critical need within the MI community. That need was for a single unclassified source from which any soldier could develop a functional intelligence communications support architecture. The unindoctrinated or inexperienced had the tools necessary to create and sustain a functional intelligence communications architecture. The more experienced intelligence professional could use this resource to learn new approaches and solutions to old problems. Its sole purpose was to facilitate quick establishment of an intelligence communications architecture.

The authors wrote it within the framework of their notes from two back-to-back initial entry deployments (Somalia and Haiti). Every G2 and MI Warrant Officer in the Army received a copy of the Warfighters Guide to Intelligence Communications Architectures. The U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca received copies and distributed them to the MI Officers Advanced Course students. Shortly thereafter, distribution extended to the Warrant Officer entry course. The overwhelming support of the Warfighters Guide by the intelligence community has validated the necessity for an updated version. Fort Huachuca has accepted the responsibility of publishing an updated version of the Warfighters Guide. The name of the new guide will be Warfighters Guide 2000.

Publication of the Warfighters Guide 2000 will be in late 1999. It should be available to the intelligence community at that time. The new guide has updated the programmatic data presented in the older version and has added new topics and functions associated with the concerns of the intelligence professional facing the challenges of the future. Included in the new material is a chapter on secure web page creation and web-based exploitation. The updated guide presents potential trends within our community with issues like the Collection Analysis and Reporting Terminal (CART), Forward Sensor Enclave (FSE), and Prophet. Program Managers from many Intelligence-oriented programs contributed to the guide and many provided extensive descriptions of both their systems and their initiatives. The Warfighters Guide 2000 promises to be as beneficial to the intelligence community as its predecessor are. Every member of the intelligence community should seek a personal copy.

With questions or requests for the guide, contact CW3 Walter Horlick via E-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at (520) 538-1185 or DSN 879-1185.

Chief Warrant Two Alfred Smith is the principal author and editor of the Warfighters Guide to Intelligence Communications Architecture and Warfighters Guide 2000. His current assignment is with C Company, 743d MI Battalion, 704th MI Brigade. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.