4    Transnational Threats 101: Today’s Asymmetric Battlefield

    by Major John T. Chenery

10    LRSU: Eyes of the Commander

    by Staff Sergeants Brent W. Dick and Kevin M. Lydon

14    Cuba: The Next Safe Haven for Organized Crime

    by Phil Williams, Ph.D.

19    CI Techniques of the Clandestine Street Drug Trader

    by Captain Gordon J. Knowles, Ph.D., HI ARNG

23    Joint Global Counterterriorism Detachment

    by Major Ricky J. Harper, USAR AGR; Chief Warrant Officer Three Wendy R. Ryberg, USAR AGR;                  &  Sergeant James D. Higday, USAR

26    Air Transportation and the Cocaine Industry

    by Major Eric L. Lamberson

34    Intelligence: The Human Dimension

    by Lieutenant Colonel Robert B. Adolph, Jr. (USA, Retired)

36    Counterintelligence: Seeing Through the Enemy’s Eyes

    by Major John W. Davis (USAR, Retired)

37    Counterintelligence: A Decade of Change

    by Chief Warrant Oficer Two Leonard R. Holden

42    The Business End of Military Intelligence: Private Military Companies

    by Douglas J. Brooks

47    Secrecy and Stealth: Cross-Border Reconnaissance in Indochina

    by Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Turkoly-Joczik, Ph.D. (USA, Retired)


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