by Command Sergeant Major Scott C. Chunn

This past week, we conducted our 12th Annual MI Corps Hall of Fame ceremony and inducted six new members to the Hall of Fame (HOF). The newest HOF members are Colonel (Retired) John F. Concannon, III; Colonel (Retired) Byron K. Dean; Mr. William L. Parkinson (Deceased); Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Robert V. Taylor; Colonel (Retired) Harold W. Vorhies; and Colonel Charles D. Young (Deceased). Congratulations to the inductees and to the families representing our deceased inductees.

Every year we have many enlisted soldiers retire or leave the military service that have made immeasurable and lasting contributions to the MI Corps. I would ask you to look around, identify, and honor these soldiers by submitting an application on their behalf for the MI Corps HOF. Please feel free to contact me at E-mail [email protected] and by telephone at (520) 533-1145 or DSN 821-1145 or Mr. Jim Chambers at [email protected] mil, (520 538-1178 or DSN 821-1178 for further information.

Congratulations to Chief Warrant Officer Five Rex A. Williams on his selection and installation as the Chief Warrant Officer of the MI Corps. The installation ceremony occurred in conjunction with this year’s MI Corps HOF. This is a new position created by Major General John D. Thomas, Jr., to work MI Warrant Officer issues; his selection to this position is a welcome addition to our Corps.

MI accession numbers reflect shortages similar to the recent Army-wide difficulties in recruiting, particularly in the following military occupational specialties (MOSs): 33W (Electronic Warfare/Intercept Systems Repairer), 96D (Imagery Analyst), 96H (Imagery Ground Station Operator), 98C (Signals Intelligence Analyst), and 98J (Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst). We continue to have six MI MOSs in the Army’s top 25 shortage MOSs and offer enlistment bonuses for many of our MI MOSs. We need more senior noncommissioned officers (NCOs) to support our recruiters by speaking at local high schools, colleges, and communities. If you are going to be in your hometown or near your college while on temporary duty or on leave in the future, contact the Office of the Chief, Military Intelligence (OCMI) for specific information on how you can help. You can reach the OCMI via E-mail [email protected] and telephonically at (520) 533-1173 or DSN 821-1173.

We have seen good promotions this year for all the NCO grades and promotions for the Sergeants First Class, whose Board is currently concluding, should also be good. We need your assistance in retaining our quality soldiers. We need help with recruiting initial-term soldiers in MOSs 97B (Counterintelligence Agent), 97E (Interrogator), 96U (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator), and 98G (Voice Interceptor). In the mid-career level, we need to work harder to retain MOSs 98G, 97B, and 33W. At the career level, we should focus our retention effort on MOSs 33W, 97E, and 98K (Signals Collection/Identification Analyst).

As always, train hard, take care of soldiers and their families, and have fun. Thanks!