4    USAR MI Force Reality—A Sequel to the Novel

    And Then There Were None

    by Colonel William P. Murray, USAR AGR

7    ARISCs: Regional RC Intelligence Training Centers

    by Major Eric L. Lamberson

11    Joint Reserve Units—Supporting the Commander

    by Major Jeffery S. Reichman

13    Reserve Component Contributory Support Integration:

    The INSCOM Way

    by Lieutenant Colonel William A. Boik, USAR, and Major Annie H. Spiczak, USAR

17    Military Intelligence in the Army National Guard:

    Poised for the 21st Century?

    by Major Timothy W. Keasling, ARNG AGR

20    The 634th MI Battalion at a BCTP Warfighter Exercise

    by Lieutenant Colonel Ronald C. Allen, MN ARNG, Lieutenant  Colonel Kenneth J. Simurdiak, MN ARNG, and  Captain Brian T. Dummann, MN ARNG

22    The Intelligence Center’s Supervisor Survey Program

    by Major General John D. Thomas, Jr., and James B. Ellsworth, Ph.D.

26    Training Maximization: Reserve MI Unit Structure

    by Sergeant James D. Higday

30    Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program

    by Captain Keith D. Filer and Chief Warrant Officer Two Edward A. Moore

35    TENCAP—TES into the 21st Century

    by Lieutenant Colonel Randy D. Spilde and Sharon L. Carvalho

37    Strategic Intelligence Officers Course

    by Major Richard C. Hoehne


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