4 Intelligence for the Coalition:

The Story of Support to Coalition Task Force-Kuwait

by Colonel William R. Moore and Colonel Kenneth H. Boll, Jr.

7 Working on a Combined Staff in the Republic of Korea

by Captain Robert E. Goodson, Jr.

10 Joint Intelligence in Support of Peace operations

by Colonel H. Allen Boyd (USA, Retired)

16 CI and HUMINT in Multinational Operations:

The Lessons of Vigilant Blade 97

by Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Pick, USA Major Kevin S. Rentner, USA and Major Robert J. Dukat, USAF

21 Ground Surveillance Operations In Bosnia

by Staff Sergeant Timothy D. Tolison

23 Collection Focus Development in Peacekeeping Operations

by Major Timothy L. Faulkner

26 Lessons Learned from a Unified Endeavor Collection Manager

by Captain Vincent H. Torres

29 Terrain Support to Joint IPB:  A Unified Endeavor Experience

by Chief Warrant Officer Three Scott J. Maxner

33 Closing the Intelligence Gap in the OMFTS Concept

by Major Harry E. Jones, II

36 The Precision SIGINT Targeting System

by Lieutenant Commander Michael V. Cooperwood (USN)

and Major John F. Petrik (USAR)

40 The Aerial Exploitation Battalion at NTC:

Aerial Intelligence Defines the Battlefield

by Captain Guy M. Burrow


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3 CSM Forum

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50 TSM Notes

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