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Intelligence in the Division AWE: A Winner for the Next Millennium
by Major General William S. Wallace and Lieutenant Colonel William J. Tait, Jr.
The Digital Planning Process: Lessons  Learned  from the AWE's
by Major Micheal A. La Chance
Intelligence Planning in the Digital Division
by Major John E. Frame
Collection Management Lessons Learned During the Division AWE
by Captain Brian R. Dunmire
Preparing for Digitization: Surviving the Army Before the "Army After Next"
by Captain Kris Muench
Space Systems Expertise for the 21st Century: National Systems Development Program
by Mr. Alfred Smith and Captain Hermann G. Hasken, III
A Revolutionary Targeting Concept: The Corps LevelForward Sensor Enclave
by Captain Chris R, Lindstrom
Mission Rehearsal at CMTC: Operations JOINT ENDEAVOR and JOINT GUARD         
by Major Kathleen A. Gavle
Battle Damage Assessment: The Road to Victory   
by Chief Warrant Officers Two Tony E. Meade, James A. Hopkins, Miles M. Fujiwara
Counterfire and Predictive BDA
by Captain H. Brock Harris
Operation Little Flower: The United Nations Apprehension of an Indicted War Criminal
by Major David Sterling Jones, USA and Captain Paul J. McDowell, USAF Foreward by Ambassador Jacques Paul Klein

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