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Writers of the Year and the Quarter

MIPB is pleased to announce the 1997 winners of the Writer of the Year awards.  Writer of the year:  MAJ John Frank Lady III (USA, Ret.), "Directing Intelligence Operations IV: Intelligence Battle Command," Oct-Dec 1997.  We have two runners-up: CPT Harry E. Jones II, "Information Dominance for Army XXI: Battlefield Visualization," Jan-Mar 1997; and CPT Shawn C. Weed, "The S2's Ten Tenents for Success," Apr-Jun 1997.  The Honorable Mentions are:  CPT Frederic P. Filbert, "Keys to a Successful NTC Rotation," Apr-Jun 1997; and LTC John "Randy" Brooks (USA, Ret.), "The Results of the Task Force XXI Are In -- Things Are A-Changin'," Jul-Sep 1997.

CPT Chris R. Lindstrom is our Writer of the Quarter, Apr-Jun 1998, for the article "The Corps-Level Forward Sensor Enclave: A Revolutionary Targeting Concept."

Congratulations to Frank Lady and all of the other winners and many thanks to all of our authors for their great articles, book reviews, and letters to the editor.  Contributions like yours make MIPB the professional development forum for military intelligence professionals.

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How to Submit an Article

1. Select a relevant topic of interest to the military intelligence community. Plan to write 2000-3000 words, or roughly 3-5 pages.

2. Put the bottom line up front and write clear, concise introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Follow proper rules of grammar. Consult DA Pamphlet 600-67 or William A. McIntosh's Guide to Effective Writing.

3. Maintain the active voice as much as possible. Write "Congress cut the budget" rather than "the budget was cut by Congress."

4. Send the article in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect via E-mail to [email protected] or mail it to Commander, USAIC&FH, ATTN: ATZS-CLM (MIPB), Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000. (Please do not use special document templates.) Include with your article--

5. Remember, content is the most important part of your article. When in doubt, send us your article--we can work out the details.

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