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ASAS Master Analyst Program Sly Fox Den ASI 1F Notes

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The U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca is offering a unique program formed to provide commanders with specially trained intelligence analysts (AS "1F"). This program, the All-Source Analysis Systems (ASAS) Master Analyst Program (AMAP), is designed to meet the challenges of advanced automation and the demand of MI senior noncommissioned officers. A special branch at Fort Huachuca leads and coordinates all aspects of the program Graduates having problems obtaining orders from their military personnel offices (MILPOs) for the ASI "1F" should attach a copy of the NOFC (Notification of Future Change to DA Pam 611-XX) Memorandum dated 15 July 1997. A copy is available on our web site. This is the interim authority until the new DA pamphlet listing the ASI is published.

Several field commanders have requested information concerning the ASI "1F". The most requested information was on the awarding of the ASI. The ASI is valid for 96B and 98C, Sergeant through Master Sergeant. The NOFC is not clear on this point. Please feel free to E-mail us with any further questions.

The two pilot courses were a complete success. The Student Evaluation Plan has been updated to reflect all the recommended changes from the students. The initial validation process was also a success. It must be emphasized that this course is very rigorous and is designed for maximum learning opportunity. The first official course graduated 17 April 1998. The next course starts in July 1998.

The basic task lists for ASAS are posted on our web site. (See URL Prospective students to the course must be certified on one of these basic task lists. All source, single source and remote workstation basic task will be formally tested the second day of the course. Students must pass their special area basic test to continue in the course.

Congratulations are in order for some "sly foxes." Feedback from senior MI officers cited AMAC graduates as major contributors to mission success. Recent training events in Fort Hood, Japan, and Europe have highlighted the major contribution these personnel are making to the force. Great job!

The Defense Intelligence Agency is building a similar version of the ASAS Master Analyst Program and course. They are using the AMAP as a model to create a "Senior Analyst Program" for their top talent. Look for further developments in this area and we wish them well!

Master Sergeant Michael Fallon is the Chief of the AMAP. For more information, readers can contact him via E-mail at [email protected], through the web page at, or telephonically at (520) 533-4652 or DSN 821-4652.