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Warlord Notebook. The U.S. Army National Guard (ARNG) and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) are both continuing to purchase Warlord Notebook (WLNB) systems as adjuncts to the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS). Approximately 175 systems are in the hands of Guard and Reserve MI units. These Reserve Component (RC) MI units are working closely with the Active Component (AC) units with whom they have training associations to insure they are properly configured and able to communicate. Units interested in pursuing WLNB should contact Major Steve Ponder at the telephone, E-mail, or the postal address below.

ASAS Remote Workstation Fielding. The 39th Separte Infantry Brigade (SIB) (Arkansas ARNG) and the 53d SIB (Florida ARNG) are currently conducting ASAS-Remote Workstation (ASAS-RWS) initial fielding training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. These units will receive follow-up visits from software support personnel periodically throughout the year. They will also have exercise support for their major training events. The Southeastern Army Reserve Intelligence Support Center (SE ARISC) is providing sustainment training for Guard units equipped with the ASAS-RWS. The point of contact (POC) for the SE ARISC and ASAS-RWS Sustainment Training is Chief Warrant Officer Four Mike Cuneo, (404) 362-3215.

MI Battalions' TASS Summer Training. Due to significant shortfalls in funding, instructors, and other resources, a significant portion of the scheduled training for MI battalions in the USAR Total Army School System will be cancelled this fiscal year. Concerns over this issue should be addressed to either Colonel John Craig or Major Steve Ponder.

MI Officer Transition Course. Officers in grades O-5 and above will not be permitted to attend the MI Officer Transition Course or Advanced Course (both AC and RC). This is to preclude assignment of unqualified officers against MI positions in the RC. The MI Officer Transition Course does not qualify a company grade officer as an MI officer; it prepares an officer to attend the MI Advanced Course.

National Guard Intelligence Web Page. There is an unofficial web page for Army National Guard intelligence at http://www. The page is an open forum for intelligence in the Guard and contains information on such things as training, dates for the Annual Guard G2/S2 Training Workshop, and doctrine issues relating to Guard intelligence units.

Unit Addresses and E-mail. We are currently seeking the postal and E-mail addresses of MI units in the Army Guard and Reserve. Recent turbulence in the force structure has rendered our database obsolete and we need the field's help in updating it. If you are in a Guard or Reserve MI unit that has either activated or moved in the last 18 months, please E-mail the full unit mailing address, commercial and DSN telephone numbers to us at [email protected], with a subject line that reads: Unit Address Update.

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Figure 1. Guard and Reserve Points of Contact.

POC List. Figure 1 is a list of some important MI POCs in the Guard and Reserve. The USAIC&FH is the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca and FORSCOM is the U.S. Army Forces Command.

RC E-Mail. If you are a Guard, Reserve, or AC MI soldier with an interest in RC issues, send us your E-mail address. We often retransmit any items we feel are of value to the RC MI community. The volume of material we send out this way is too great for traditional paper distribution so we cannot honor requests for hardcopies of any of this material. Please send your E-mail request to [email protected], subject: RC E-mail Distribution.

Colonel John Craig is the USAR POC and the Chief of the Reserve Forces Office. Readers can contact him at (520) 522-1176, DSN 821-1176, and by E-mail at [email protected].

Major Steve Ponder is the ARNG POC; his telephone number is (520) 533-1177 or DSN 821-1177 and his E-mail is shown above. Their FAX number is (520) 533-1762 and their mailing address is Commander, USAIC&FH, ATTN: ATZS-RA, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000.