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by Command Sergeant Major Randolph Hollingsworth 

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As I prepare to close this chapter of my life and start a new one as a retired soldier, I can only think of one word to say: "Thanks!" Thanks for the professionalism, caring, and mentoring of so many great Americans. I leave the Army and the MI Corps knowing that I was never alone. There were and are so many soldiers who shared the road of life with me. Each time I made a recommendation or decision, or fired my weapon, there was always a hand or voice of assurance that told me if I was right or wrong.

Those voices, harsh at times, and those hands, firm yet gentle, helped me to grow from a 19-year old to a mature and, at times (I like to think), a wise old man. Those voices and hands belong to men and women who were sergeants, warrant officers, and commissioned officers. The outstanding quality that they all have in common is that they care more about our country, our Army, and their soldiers than they care about themselves. I was truly fortunate to experience that caring through excellent training, discipline, the enforcement of standards, and the setting of individual and team goals.

My career would not be complete if names like Lena, Zanders, Retter, Castro, McNamara, Huskin, Heaney, Thomas, McLaughin, Williamson, Stevens, Daf, Suzette, Roberson, Young, Smith, Lupe, and Jones were not in my book. These soldiers and civilians--and many others--are the reasons I chose to be a soldier rather than another possible career. They are also the reason why I am glad Staff Sergeant Zanders enlisted me for MI. They are in part responsible for all the success that I enjoy today. As I head toward the setting sun of my Army career, I see a bright star that will shine ever so brightly for the MI Corps.

The selection of Command Sergeant Major Scott Chunn, formerly the CSM of the 704th MI Brigade, as the new MI Corps CSM demonstrates Major General Charles Thomas' commitment to the future of our Corps. The values, standards, and professionalism that have served as the bedrock of our Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps for more than 200 years are the same values, standards, and professionalism CSM Chunn possesses. He is the right soldier to protect the MI colors and to further our reputation as the Army's leadership in technology. He is a visionary who will help shape the future. Major General Thomas has provided a strong voice and leadership in the growth of our Corps; CSM Chunn will join his team in building a stronger MI Corps for the future. Now, for the last time, I thank you so much for keeping MI...