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Safe Tactical Layout of Cable and Wire

by First Sergeant Timothy P. Carroll, Jr.

With the significant increase of digital technology throughout our force, there is a commensurate increase in the amount of cable and wire that is run to connect all of these devices. Although these wires can be laid out in a safe manner in a static environment, it can be a serious safety issue in a highly mobile field environment. Many tactical operation centers now have several miles of cables and wires strung under, around, and over them. The following tenets will help you to lay this wire safely in a highly mobile field environment like a division Analysis and Control Element ACE).

First Sergeant Carroll is at the NCO Academy, Fort Huachuca, AZ. His telephone number is (520) 533-4219, DSN 821-4219, or Email him at [email protected]

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NCOER Writing Tips

by Sergeant First Class Daniel D. Knippel

When composing an NCO Evaluation Report (NCOER), look in AR 611-201, Enlisted Career Management Fields and Military Occupational Specialties, (found in Update 12-6) for Blocks IIIa ("PRINCIPAL DUTY TITLE") and Vb ("List 3 positions in which the rated NCO could best serve...") input. These entries are important in determining the level at which your soldier served, or will serve. The Department of the Army centralized promotion boards will more likely give your soldier due credit for a position if it is a bonafide title rather than one which is not common or supported by doctrine.

I have seen many NCOers, and I have noticed many similar bullets under responsibility and accountability. These bullets generally refer to a dollar amount for equipment for which the rated NCO is signed. Do not forget that this block encompasses other areas including---

Details, facts, and impact make the best bullets. Bullets should answer questions such as------

Sergeant First Class Daniel D. Knippel is also at the NCO Academy. He is the Chief Instructor, BNCOC, Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Call him at (520) 533-4221, DSN 821-4221, or E-mail [email protected]