' Federation of American Scientists


The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) is working on issues of global security, the environment, democratic governance and human rights. From our early days 50 years ago as the action arm of the original atomic scientists, to our present work on arms control, environmental protection, and government secrecy reform, FAS continues a commitment to informing the public debate on complex scientific and technical questions. We are dedicated to "speaking truth to power" -- representing the public interest a nd defending against the special interests. If you care about what the future holds for America and the world, please take advantage of this opportunity to become a Sponsor of the Federation of American Scientists.


Your help is needed at the forefront of important policy issues -- spotting new trends, analyzing complex issues, and taking pro-active positions on behalf of the public. We depend on a broad-based collaboration among our professional staff, other individ uals working full-time and part-time on these important issues, committed activists, and financial contributors. Our accomplishments in the public policy arena are made possible by our loyal and committed sponsors and members. In addition to providing cri tical long-term financial support, our sponsors and members help bring important new issues to our attention, and work with our staff to bring these issues to national attention. Your support makes a difference.

1 - Please contact our Project Directors and provide them with feedback on our current efforts.

2 - FAS currently sponsors a number of Cusp Projects where we support and promote the initiatives of others working in related fields. If you have ideas for new Cusp Projects, please contact us

3 - Contribute to the work of FAS as a Sponsor or member.


Our expanding work for global stability, peace and security depends on your support as a Sponsor of FAS. Every day decisions are being made in Washington, often before you are aware of all the options. The contributions made by FAS to informing decision-m akers and the public over the past half century are made possible by the financial sponsorship of concerned citizens like you.

As an FAS Sponsor you will be joining our distinguished supporters, who include almost half of America's Nobel Laureates. You will be participating in a dialogue with leaders from around our nation and the world. The work of FAS provides the opportunity for you to get involved in addressing the key issues our times -- FAS is your forum to be heard and make a difference.

You will be supporting our public education work with the national media, as well as our more targeted outreach to key decision-makers. You will be helping us add to our valuable online resources, which each week are used by thousands of people across the globe. You will receive our newsletter, the FAS Public Interest Report and can receive other publications, such as the Arms Sales Monitor and the Secrecy and Government Bulletin.


FAS is both a center for policy research and analysis, sponsored by the contributions of citizens across the globe, and a membership organization open to American natural and social scientists.

To become a sponsor, print our sponsor form directly from your browser, fill in your personal information, and mail the signed form along with your check to the address printed on the form.