Grand Challenges
  1. Reestablish the United States as the model of a strong and prosperous society with uncompromising ideals of justice, compassion, and tolerance.
  2. Reengage in international and multilateral organizations to enhance the wealth and security of people everywhere.
  3. Define “security” broadly to include more than military power and shift resources from the military budget to efforts to reduce the root causes of conflict.
  4. Move beyond Cold War weapons and tactics including eventual abolition of nuclear weapons starting with a powerful new nonproliferation agreement and ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
  5. Lead the world in cutting greenhouse emissions through a DARPA-like research program and integrating sustainability goals into the core missions of major agencies including HUD and Transportation.
  6. Strengthen science and technology advice for the Congress and the administration by restoring OTA, strengthening the National Science and Technology Council, improving accessibility of government information, and protecting the integrity of the scientific process.
  7. Develop effective strategies for responding to infectious disease epidemics created by either natural or malicious causes
  8. Sustain strong and balanced growth in national basic research in science, mathematics, health, and engineering. 
  9. Support basic and applied research in education and training including the use of new technologies that can make personalized, discovery-based learning practical.
  10. Build a new public media infrastructure that can support collaborative and competitive approaches to building and using simulations in learning.